Overgrazing accelerates soil and vegetation degradation in rangelands. So, Livestock Population Density-i.e. allocated number of sheep per ha can serve as an index for measuring pressure on range environment. For this purpose, Sadra region has been selected as the study area, where it is located in the upper reaches of Maharlu basin, Fars Province, Southern Iran.

South Asia's endangered Great One-horned Rhinoceros is being driven out of its natural habitat in search of food into the hands of illegal poachers, experts said on Thursday.

Masinagudi residents are apprehensive of what Mudumalai tiger reserve holds for them On July 15, inside the core of Mudumalai tiger reserve in Tamil Nadu, a group of workers waited for a jeep to take them to Masinagudi

The only relocation on the anvil is for 320 tribal families in the core area. These families want relocation and have even petitioned the Madras High Court. The only tribals who will continue to live in the core are those employed by the forest department as anti-poaching watchers and mahouts. The captive elephants once used for timber extraction are now used for eco tourism, patrolling for anti

JAIPUR: Concerned over the degradation and disappearance of

More than 10,000 ethnic Hazaras protested in the Afghan capital on Tuesday, calling for President Hamid Karzai to resign over killings of their kin by rival Kuchi nomads.

The angry marchers sent police fleeing on the outskirts of Kabul, then chased them until hundreds of officers and soldiers blocked one of the main roads into the city, next to Kabul zoo. The marchers then sat down in the middle of the road until one of their leaders, parliamentarian Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, addressed the crowd and persuaded them to peacefully disperse.

In the hill areas, the traditional systems of dependence on forest products like fuel for their households and fodder for their livestock has an important bearing on the status of Himalayan watersheds. The population of livestock is therefore also significant. The fuel and fodder requirements of the hill people are important routine activities for which women/children spend long hours of their day-to-day life.

The Greater and Trans-Himalayan tracts are cold deserts that have severe seasonal and resource scarce environments. Covering the bulk of Indian Himalayas , they are a rich repository of biodiversity values and ecosystem services. The region has a large protected area (PA) network which has not been completely effective in conserving these unique values.

India carries a huge livestock population. Small ruminants, namely, goats and sheep, play a vital role in securing the livelihood of small and marginal farmers and landless labourers. Such animals should not be blamed for the ecological degradation, soil erosion and desertification caused by human activities.

Until a month ago the Adani Group, the proponent of Mundra sez in Kutch district of Gujarat, had been on a roll, buying land at dirt-cheap rates, though some in the political circle and real-estate