First observed evidence of long term effects of GHG emissions

the infrastructure for coordinating research about various worldwide environmental changes must be restructured for taking correct decisions on issues such as greenhouse gas emission policies.

The second largest contributor to greenhouse gases questions the findings of the IPCC report

Greenhouse gas emissions could raise global temperatures much more than previously forecast leading to drought and flooding as weather patterns shift and polar ice melts

World Resources Institute objects to criticism that Northern groups are arm twisting developing countries into reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Forget volcanic eruptions and El Nino, global warming continues to worsen

Minute traces of specially designed greenhouse gases can be used to heat up Mars and make the planet habitable much faster than anyone thought possible. "On the Earth these gases may be pollution,

NASA discovers the largest ever ozone hole over Antarctica. A wake up call for industrialised countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

This study looks at the linkages between dams and climate change. It analyses the climate change legal regime as represented by the UN Framework Convention on Climate
Change and its Kyoto Protocol and attempts to highlight the relevance of its provisions, decisions and processes to the planning, appraisal, design, construction, operation and

Global warming is threatening the Earth's thermostat. In the past two decades, average annual temperatures have climbed as much as 4