Radiative effects of anthropogenic changes in atmospheric composition are expected to cause climate changes, in particular an intensification of the global water cycle with a consequent increase in flood risk.

there would be no sulphur in petrol from January 1, 2009, in 15 countries of the European Union (eu) block. This decision was taken by the eu environment ministers recently. The eu intends

The world's highest energy consuming country, the us , has done little to promote renewable energy. Being one of the major emitters of heat trapping gases like carbon dioxide, the us would be

The methodology and results reported in this study form a first comprehensive and integrated global ecological

close on the heels of the European Union's proposal to start greenhouse gas emissions trading in 2005, Chicago and Mexico city have decided to develop their own carbon emissions trading

About US $100 million worth of global greenhouse gas emissions have been traded since 1996

Fireworks that mark public leave the air pollutant ozone according to research conducted at the Jawaharlal Nehru University , in India. Ozone in the lower atmosphere works as a respiratory irritant,

Norwegian researchers believe

The international treaties for the protection of the ozone layer and the global climate are closely related. Not only has the Montreal Protocol for the protection of the ozone layer served as a useful example in developing the international climate regime, but policies pursued in both issue areas influence each other. This paper gives an overview of the many ways in which both treaty systems are linked functionally and politically.

US organisations begin trade in carbon dioxide emissions