australia's greenhouse gas emissions have increased by at least 16.9 per cent during 1990-98, according to a govern

The only way to a lasting international climate treaty is to accept equal rights of all human beings to release greenhouse gases, acknowledges a recent UK study

The burning of fossil fuels leads to the release of carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere. Once in the atmosphere, these gases act like glass walls and trap heat on the Earth's surface.

Excessive rice cultivation has led to selenium toxicity

Municipalities and citizens in the US could significantly contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

the New Zealand government recently passed an energy efficiency bill to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. Greens party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons said the bill is the first piece of

australia has for the first time expressed concerns over the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol that sets an international agenda to cut greenhouse gas emissions from 2002. It feels that

Scientists and researchers try to figure out ways to curb rising carbon dioxide levels

Scientists discover a greenhouse gas that is several times more dangerous than carbon dioxide

The troubling aspect is that religious fundamentalism encourages the rejection of modern scientific thinking