The environmental movement in the USA began with the bleeding heart propagation of a pastoral ideal: the national parks. The founders of the Sierra Club were all passionate woodsmen first and philanthropes later

The Calcutta Port Trust (CPT) has jumped onto the bandwagon of real-estate developers that are grabbing the few urban green spaces left in the city. CPT, which claims ownership of land on the banks

Concerned residents of the city have formed groups to ensure the municipal authorities take care to keep the city clean, green and functioning.

An ongoing debate in the UK questions the ethics behind the acquisition by the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew of acquiring tropical plants through dubious means and using them to manufacture life saving drugs, without any of the financial benefits reaching

The balding hills of Jadhera panchayat in Himachal Pradesh are regaining their vegetation, thanks to an unusual village chief

Wildlife conservationists and social ecologists are sharply divided despite common goals

Four deer, out of 14 that were released in the eco park near Jamuna Bridge in Sirajganj, have died within four days of the park's inception.

J&K project through: The Jammu and Kashmir High Court recently granted a stay on a decision by the state government to cancel a contract for the 1,200-MW Sawalakote hydroelectric power project. The

An interim report on the uk's land-use planning was released on July 4, 2006, fuelling a debate on the possibility of relaxing regulations in the planning system to encourage rapid market growth.

It s a voyage of discovery as biologists travel to the unexplored stretches of the rainforest canopy, learning more about this green ocean