Successful local involvement in a Malaysian park throws up an answer to heavyweight World Bank terms and plans for ecodevelopment

In a bid to revive the Gorongosa natio

Martin E Nix, an engineer from Seattle, US, who holds several patents for solar powered inventions, has devised a way of turning old refrigerators into greenhouses. The condenser, compressor and

Development and environment are at loggerheads in the Taman Negara national park situated near Kuala Lumpur. The park shelters one of the world's oldest rainforests, described as the

Sundarvan - an animal park in Ahmedabad, where children are encouraged to feed birds, climb trees, touch animals ...anything to excite their curiosity about nature - may soon cease to exist. A new

The Brazilian government is facing flak from conservationists and opposition members for not buying land to create the national parks it had proposed. The delay in buying the land has

A PROPOSED dam in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, has raised a storm of protest, reports Dewi Sartika. The hydro-electric project is to be sited at Lore Lindu National Park, in Donggala Regency, about

The environmental movement in the USA began with the bleeding heart propagation of a pastoral ideal: the national parks. The founders of the Sierra Club were all passionate woodsmen first and philanthropes later

The Calcutta Port Trust (CPT) has jumped onto the bandwagon of real-estate developers that are grabbing the few urban green spaces left in the city. CPT, which claims ownership of land on the banks