Environmentally hazardous backyard smelting units swell as multinationals fail to recycle used batteries

It is a crime. Numerous factories deliberately inject untreated effluents directly into the ground, contaminating underground aquifers. Down To Earth got samples

Tishya Chatterjee , member secretary, Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board APPCB spoke to Manish Tiwari on the presence of persistent

Delhi is at the mercy of its riparian neighbours for water. Experts now say, water harvesting might be a step in the right direction towards achieving self sufficiency in this precious resource

Plutonium is one of the most

Groundwater in 44 districts of Nepal is contaminated with arsenic, according to the country's Public Health Engineering Department. In some areas, the arsenic content is 10 times higher than the

The water we drink may be contaminated with the drugs we excrete through our urine

The colour of water in more than 10 villages in Madhya Pradesh s Ratlam district is red. Despite severe strictures from the courts, the industry continues to pollute

ground water survey by the Central Ground Water Board in Delhi has revealed the presence of heavy metals like cadmium, chromium, lead and iron in excess of the prescribed standards. This was

THE rapidly deteriorating quality of groundwater in parts of Delhi is due to hazardous substances leached from landfill sites, according to Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA). The water is