Groundwater contamination in India is verging on disastrous proportions,

For the people of Patancheru and Bollaram in Medak

There are several industrial units in Medak district of Andhra Pradesh (AP) that have directly or indirectly

Adulteration of milk is not a new problem in the town of Bulandshahar in western Uttar Pradesh (UP). However, it is leading to another type of slow poisoning. Local people complain that dairies

The corrupt and inefficient among pollution control authorities have surrendered India s groundwater to unscrupulous industrial units

Down To Earth spoke to D K Biswas, chairperson, Central Pollution Control Board, about the seriousness of groundwater pollution. Excerpts:

Once polluted by industry, groundwater is very difficult to clean up. This is the lesson learnt from the Bichhri experience. Situated about 12 km from Udaipur, the groundwater of Bichhri, spread over

WHEN THE health of the Earth itself is jeopardised. The health of its inhabitants

Extraordinary court rulings on two rivers in south India set the stage for a showdown between environmental agencies and the industry

The Green Bench of Madras high court has decided to crack down on Industry. The bench has recently directed TNPCB to Imniediately seal highly polluting Industrial units which are within the radius