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Escorts Yamaha Motor Ltd has tied up with Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) and a consortium of other banks to raise funds for its Rs 525 crore two-wheeler project. The vehicle YBX 125 is

The master plan for Delhi has been modified with immediate effect through a notification issued by the Urban Affairs Ministry, officials said today. Through the notification, issued under the Delhi

The Maharashtra Cabinet has finalised an action plan to establish a limited company to implement its ambitious and equally controversial project 'Shivshai Punervasan Prakalp' aimed at providing free

The Union Ministry of Urban Affairs is preparing a Bill which will force builders and contractors to fulfill contractual obligations towards flat owners. The Bill, currently being considered by the

Special regulations for development of tourist resorts/holiday homes/township in hill station type areas.

Urban planning is not an extension of architecture, but requires the co-ordination of a wide variety of skills and inputs. Most importantly, planning is meaningless unless it is firmly linked to implementation. The planner's best course of action is to set the objectives of his plan, and use these to determine policy initiatives.

We present results of an empirical investigation and comparison of housing supply in three rapidly growing countries: Malaysia, Thailand, and Korea. These countries offer three contrasting examples of different approaches to development control. Korea has relatively strict control of housing supply. Thailand has little effective regulation of development. Malaysia offers an intermediate case, having adopted in the mid-1970s development control legislation patterned on the British Town and Country Planning Act.

This book provides a balanced international overview of the way forward, showing how choice of materials and construction processes, response to landscape and climate, and - not to be forgotten - the involvement of users, can together solve environmental problems and produce a diverse architecture to suit human and regional needs.

This paper outlines a research proposal for a series of investigations into aspects of urban housing which it seems important to understand before formulating an enlarged public housing programme. Studies in the areas outlined here are either scanty or non-existent.

The slowdown has dragged down home real estate prices across India but has the meltdown been worse in larger cities than Tier 2 cities? And what lies ahead for India's Tier 2 towns especially now with the government pushing for affordable homes. In this segment, we focus on key Tier 2 property markets of North India - Jaipur, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Bhiwadi and Sonepat.