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The Municipal Corporation has decided to buy out eight prototype high-end toilet complexes built on its land from private developers following the Lieutenant-Governor's direction to scrap the project's further extension owing to heavy public criticism.

The decision was announced after a meeting of the MCD on Monday attended by Delhi Mayor P. R.

The responsibility of municipalities to provide crucial services is being increasingly passed on to the resident welfare associations located in middle and upper middle class areas in cities. Similar tools of intervention are absent in the slums and low-income neighbourhoods and even the local ward committees fail to represent their needs and aspirations.

Lavasa Corporation

The new-age Mumbai is getting hotter, literally.

Pune Filling stations will be allowed in

IT IS time to take back the night for wildlife. That was the rallying call from a landmark session on light pollution at the Society for Conservation Biology on 4 July in Edmonton, Canada. The disruptive effects on animals of our penchant for bright lights has rarely impinged on public consciousness.

The Koderma Thermal Power Project (KTPP), which was supposed to contribute to the power supply for the Common Wealth Games has failed to take off on account of land acquisition problems. Set up to supply 500 MW of power to Delhi, the projects

Dhanbad, June 17: Branded one of the most of the polluted cities of the country, Dhanbad lacks even the most basic civic infrastructure. A faulty drainage system, erratic power supply, ill-planned colonies, shortage of drinking water and diminishing employment opportunities typify the coal capital.

The Little Green Data Book 2009 points to the world