A commonly consumed oilseed northeastern India - Perii.- frutescens or Hanshi - has bee- found to reduce blood cholestero i, Researchers at the Hyderabad- basec National Institute of

Mandyam Kumar, an expert at the Siddha Medical Research Institute, Bangalore, has developed an injectable medicine - "Solar Drop" - which claims to cure patients with full-blown AIDS

Only one-fifthy of the total number of lymphoma (tumor of the lymphid tissue or lymph nodes) cases reported in northern India are women says on going US-sponsored study at the ALL India Institute

Clinical safety comes of age with the devising of a new equipment to dispose of all infected "sharps"

The threat sleeping sickness continue to loom large acrow I areas of Africa, Ivory Coast, Togo and 74 Health professiona6 in la Coast and Togo min" that hard economic and diversion of

Multiple sclerosis patients and stroke victims take a step towards cure

The much derided chewing stick has finally found a proponent

A new kind of fibre rich yoghurt not only tickles the gourmet palates, but also promises boosts to healthcare

Healthcare receives a boost in starkly poor villages

Solar photovoltaic cells can help provide health care facilities in remote villages