A controversy rages over whether the Surat plague bacillus was a secret hardsell by a Kazakh chemical firm

Using fungi in dressings for faster healing of wounds

AD artificial heart valves presently substituted for faulty ones, introduce a foreign substance into a patient's body and thus increase the chances of rejection by the body's immune system. Now,

TELEMARKETING MARVELS: Want to do a market survey before buying a new car? All you have to do is press a few buttons - on the remote control of your television. The UK-based Viewcall electronic

A retinal implant based on a microchip could help treat blindness

Scientists discover that the blood in the umbilical cord is a treasure trove of treatments for various diseases

COMPU RECORDS: The staff at River Hills West Healthcare Center in Pewaukee, Wis.,in the US are done forever with the tiresome patient logbook, where they maintained the minutest details of the

The World Health Organisation (who) has reported a 3 per cent rise in the incidence of diabetes the world over. The total number of diabetic patients in India stands at 20 per cent, 2nd highest in

Japan's health care system is the envy of the world. The average Japanese male expects to live 75.9 years, while women can live upto a ripe 81.8 years. But this success has helped create the fastest

With the development of a new type of computerised mattress containing sensors, researcher Jukka Alihanka of Biorec Oy in Turku, Finland, has solved the problem of monitoring patients with coronary