Heart surgeon K M Cherian has become the first doctor in India to perform heart surgery using a new technique known as trans-myocardial revascularisation (TMR). Performed previously only in the US,

Health care might become a major plank of the World Bank's list of projects. This year, the Bank will lend at least US $60 million for "micro-nutrient projects" in various countries to combat vitamin

The advent of AIDS could sharply increase the incidence of tuberculosis and of kala azar

THE burst of infectious diseases like malaria, kala-azar, cholera and tuberculosis in India is indicative of a deeper malaise. Despite a stated emphasis on participatory health management, in actual

Historical ills Malaria It has been hypothesised that the malarial parasite evolved either with humans or even earlier. Hippocrates wrote about it in the 5th century BC. In India, Ayurvedic

Right from the "60s, DDT resistance of the malaria parasite host, Anopheles culicifacies, was detected in Gujarat. It was a rising trend. Another important vector, A stephensi, became so rugged that

Diseases that were cheerfully believed to have been eradicated are inexplicably cropping up again in India in deadlier, drug resistant forms

Fungal infections stalk the corridors hospitals in the Capital

THE euphoria among cardiologists at the Delhi-based All India Institute of Medical Sciences (aiims) over the country's first heart transplant operation has proved to be shortlived. Plans to perform

A WELL-KNOWN quasi-ecumenical argument against the existence of God is the existence of the mosquito: apart from being frustratingly acrobatic and musically demented, the little bugger serves no