In the wake of the plague came the clamour for plague-beating drugs, particularly tetracycline. Says Prabir Biswas, director (marketing) of the Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd (IDPL), "When

Till September 1994, plague was s 'upposedly a forgotten disease in India. It caught the country's medics aghast at their own ignorance. But after its outbreak, medical authorities have taken

Although the plague was thought to have been sent packing in 1966, isolated suspected cases have since been reported, the most recent being from Him Pradesh in 1984. Besides, since 1989, the

The plague caught institutions everywhere completely inert. Only the Plague Surveillance Unit (PSU) in Bangalore - the last of its kind in the country - and its sub-unit at Kolar in Karnataka,

The plague today holds the same threshold of dread that it did in the 14th century. So when the Black Death struck India late last month, the administration and the country's health system collapsed under the power of both

ASHISH KUMAR MUKHERJEE is the Director General of Health Services DGHS , and as the country's topmost health bureaucrat, was the man in the hotseat when the recent plague outbreak occurred. He took over as DGHS in 1993, and the

Russia's health care system is on the verge of collapse. With a freeze on capital investment, the situation has deteriorated to such an extent that a leading hospital in Moscow has resorted to using

The travails of Nepal's estimated 50,000 cancer patients may soon be at an end. Instead of going abroad for treatment, they will have access to medical treatment at the 100-bed B.P. Koirala

The linkages between environmental degradation and human health are well established, but it seems that governments, especially in the developing world, are the last to hear the news. And because of

of 829 basic health units covering 96 per cent of the rural population. Only 229 actually function as health units, according to a Panos Features report. The rest are used as godowns, rest houses,