Hillary Rodham Clinton, head of the US President's task force on health, has a tough task ahead in providing Americans with low cost, quality health care.

A seWhelp programme provides the poorest villagers in the area surrounding Mahoin Gandhi's Sevagrom ashrom with access to quality medical care.

Allegations of financial irregularities are likely to be highlighted at a crucial session scheduled shortly in Geneva.

The Union and Madhya Pradesh governments have been ruled culpable by a Rome-based tribunal of violating the rights of the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy. The Permanent People's Tribunal

Several voluntary organisations have started taking up cases of medical negligence, even as the debate over the liability of doctors continues.

National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission Janpath Bhawan, 5th floor, :' Wing New Delhi 110 001 Phone: 33117690 H D Shourie Common Cause A-31, West End New Delhi 110 021

A surgical technique developed by an ayurvedic team has drastically curtailed incidence of dracontiasis, a disease caused by guinea worms, in southern Rajasthan. So successful is the technique, the team's leaders were invited to Africa last year to teach

H Sudarshan is hailed by the Soligas as their messiah. A doctor who nearly became a monk, he told Down To Earth how he came to work with them. Excerpts from an interview:

The Supreme Court will decide whether medical practitioners can be held guilty of criminal negligence under the Consumer Protection Act.

Doctors and manufacturers seem unperturbed by the ever increasing price of Acetrome, a drug for heart valve transplant patients.