So, have you enjoyed the debate over health care reform? Have you been impressed by the civility of the discussion and the intellectual honesty of reform opponents?

If so, you

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi

Electronic cigarettes contain traces of toxic substances and carcinogens, according to a preliminary analysis of the products by the Food and Drug Administration.

The real battle, over health care, is just beginning

Visiting German Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Heidemaire Wiegoreak Zeul said here on Friday that her country would extend all possible help to Pakistan achieve its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and combat confronting energy crisis.

The present issue of the publication viz. Statistical Pocket Book, India 2008, which is the 46th edition in the series gives data on various socio economic trends prevailing in the country on an All India basis. The publication contains data for the latest 3 years besides the data for the base year as 1990-91 for comparative purposes.

The India Infrastructure Report 2008 discusses: competitive bidding models for infrastructure projects and critical factors required for a minimum subsidy model to succeed; models on auction bidding for rural infrastructure, e-governance, and multi-channel delivery mechanism; tolling and payment mechanism models for roads, railways, and airports; models for public service financing and affordable

The acute shortage of beds in Delhi government hospitals claimed the life of 28-year-old vegetable vendor Vijay Kumar on Sunday.