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A NEW COMPUTER voice synthesiser for people with speech disorders uses a rapid text facility that enables the users to conduct a near normal conversation and, more crucially, to alter. its

FIVE-DAY-OLD Andrew Gobea became the first newborn to undergo gene therapy when surgeons at a Los Angeles hospital injected him recently with gene-altered cells obtained from his mother's placental

Scientists have genetically engineered specific antibodies to prevent organ rejection in transplants and to combat cancer. This opens up new possibilities in medical immunology.

SCIENTISTS at Cambridge University's Department of Pathology have found an effective way of treating patients with long-standing rheumatoid arthritis, using "humanised monoclonal antibodies".

People infected with the AIDS virus are more susceptible to tuberculosis, and this further reduces their chances of survival.

A study in rural Bangladesh has found victims of watery diarrhoea treated with rice-based oral rehydration solution (rice-ORS) recover faster and require fewer hospitalisations than those treated

A comprehensive study deplores that health care has become a marketable commodity

New, more efficient aids are being developed for the physically handicapped under a government project. The stumbling blocks, however, are the mass production and marketing of these aids

In Pakistan, they are controlling population growth by raising the living standards of local communities through Pasbaan, the social development wing of the country's family planning association