The district Health Department is all set to take the help of gambusia fish to check dengue and malaria by introducing the same in ponds in rural areas.

BMC health officials said there was no reason to panic about swine flu cases yet

NAGPUR: Right in the middle of peak summer, when swine flu was expected to vanish from the city, it has grown manifold.

IGMC docs told to find out reasons behind outbreak during summer instead of winters

The analysis was carried out by anti-noise pollution activist Sumaira Abdulali

People living along the coast in the South African city of Durban have long complained about the effects of toxic industrial pollution.

On Tuesday, counsels for Delhi government, Union government and the three civic bodies were present before the court.

NEW DELHI: Children diagnosed with tuberculosis are now given bitter-tasting pills four times a day, making it a loathsome exercise.

Thiruvananthapuram: With the number of dengue cases rising in the city, the corporation has come under fire for failing to initiate activities to check the spread of the epidemic.

PUNE: A 61-year-old woman from New Sangvi was among the two persons who succumbed to swine flu-induced complications in the city last week, taking the number of H1N1 deaths to 51 so far this year.