Global warming isn't a distant threat anymore. The rising temperatures around the globe are directly affecting environmental factors and threatening to disrupt daily life.

Ahead of the Paris climate summit, India has pledged to cut carbon emissions but said that even though coal is polluting, it will continue to dominate its power needs. The answer, says the government, lies in clean-coal power plants also called supercritical power plants.

Property Guide takes a close look at the most sensitive issue – Air Pollution. Magicbricks Now caught up with Dinesh Gundu Rao - MLA,Karnataka.
RaviKumar - Bangalore Political Action Committee,Anumita Roychowdhury - Executive Director, Research and Advocacy, Centre For Science and Environment and Sumaira Abdulali - Social Activist to know more about this burning issue. Tune in to the video to know more:

Weather forecast predicts acid rain over Delhi NCR during this Diwali season.

In an attempt to curb the rise in both, the number of vehicles and pollution, the capital's civic bodies are deliberating a hike in one-time parking fee, which is collected by the Delhi government at the time of registration of vehicles.

Uncontrolled burning of paddy stubbles by Punjab farmers appears to be again putting the health of residents in the National Capital Region at risk, with Delhi's air quality falling sharply in the past two days even as farm fires peak in Punjab.

The capital’s air quality is deteriorating due to smog conditions.

NEW DELHI: At around midnight on Sunday, a group of experts and officials were at Delhi's border with Gurgaon for a surprise inspection. What they learnt is this - the Supreme Court had imposed a green tax of Rs. 700 and Rs. 1,300 on commercial vehicles entering Delhi, but on Day 1, not a single rupee had been charged.

In conversation with Sunita Narain, Director General, Centre for Science & Environment (CSE) & a noted environmentalist.

Is your love for red and processed meat getting you into trouble? The World Health Organisation seems to think so. It has released a report stating that consumption of red and processed meat is linked to cancer of the stomach, colon and pancreas. But is a renouncement of meat the answer? Nutritionists differ, claiming that not all meat proteins can be replicated by plant products. On Agenda, we debate an altered Hamlet dilemma - to eat or not to eat, that is the question!