The Bangkok conference on the risks of genetically modified corps advocated greater investment of public funds in bio safety research

Gurdev S Khush is the principal plant breeder in the Plant breeding, genetics and biochemistry division of the International Rice Research Institute IRRI in the Philippines. His contribution to the global food security has e

Lack of lagislation and certification undermines the potential of organic farming in India

Bottlenecks and hassles confront the Indian organic producers

The Indian farmer is naturally organic. But without support and premium for green crops, there is no alternative but to take the chemical route

US state governments misuse funds meant for curbing smoking; A US anti tobacco negotiator quits

health hazards bombarded from space! Yes. Siberians have witnessed the influx of these

Repairing of Phnom Penh's roads and drainage system has led to the doubling of the city's air pollution, recent tests reveal. "Tens of thousands of residents of the Cambodian capi

The grim picture of a lung scarred by pollution is of no shock value today. An ailing populace continues to throw up a phlegm of protests. To shock the conscience of the country, slowly a body of evidence is emerging studies of the hidden health cost th

the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (cag) has condemned the Orissa government and the state pollution control board (pcb) for their failure on various fronts, including lapses in