Researchers at Leicester University, UK, have developed a method to produce clean water using chemicals. This method would be helpful in areas where polluted river water poses serious health risks.

The US Environment Protection Agency has launched new air pollution standards for particulate matter. Industry will have to gear up

Christine von Weizsaecker is a senior microbiologist based in Wuppertal, Germany and the vice president of Ecoropa, the premier European environmental group. She is involved in the on going negotiations related to the Biosafet

eating colourful food stuffs stacked on the shelves of road side eateries may pose risk for health, warn scientists. These colours can damage liver, kidney, heart, skin, eye, lungs and bones,

Angry residents of Delhi flooded the chief minister s office with phone calls to protest against the withdrawal of a ban on polluting vehicles

Industrial production has grown in India by more than 50-fold over the past century. The Central Pollution Board (CPCB) has identified 17 categories of most polluting industries which contribute to

Alang, Gujarat. This is where ships from across the world are sent to be wrecked. A shipbreaking industry has emerged as a consequence, which is spelling doom for the ecology of the region

Good tides and weak enforcement favour the shipbreaking industry

Death, disease and indifference of the officials haunt Alang

Environmental regulations make shipbreaking very difficult in developed countries. So they are sent to India