Studies conducted in USA have revealed that particulate pollution has a serious effect on the life expectancy of people. Let us assume that a serious episode of particulate pollution leads to heart

Possible biological mechanisms by which pollution affects mortality

They are tiny and deadly. Recent research has brought to light the existence of airborne particles so tiny they defy measurement. Toxic particles so minute as to be almost intangible. Though evidence is piling up increasingly on the lethal effects of part

A handful of infectious diseases are responsible for 90 per cent of the deaths throughout the world, a study of the World Health Organi

one of the most popular pesticides used in the us, Dursban, may be unsafe for humans, say officials from the us Environment Protection Agency ( epa) . Any exposure to Dursban

Delhi s health authorities turn a blind eye to a rise in fluorosis cases

Winter, lack of rainfall and air pollution have made the smog in Delhi even more dangerous

Praful B Desai, professor emeritus and former director of the Tata Memorial Cancer Research Institute, Mumbai, spoke to Leena Chakrabarti on the increasing incidence of ca

smog sends 53,000 people to the hospital each summer and triggers more than

Chocolates could hold the key to a healthy, long life