PANIC-STRICKEN by an illicit liquor that has taken a toll of at least 75 persons and a mysterious fever that may be Japanese encephalitis or simple food poisoning, Patna medical authorities have

THE GARBAGE heaps of Kathmandu, which rise in ugly mounds against the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayan ranges, tell a story -- a story of blind, lopsided, urban growth in one of the poorest

ON MAY 15 this year, the Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgement in response to a public interest suit demanding the closure of the 300-odd stone-crushing units in and around New Delhi. Unlicensed units were immediately closed and the rest are to be shut down by August 15.

Judgement on Bhopal Gas Disaster on the review petitions filed by various petitioners was announced by the five judge constitutional bench on 3rd October, 1991.

Ninety-four male pump workers, employed in 41 petrol filling stations in Kanpur (formerly Cawnpore) and Lucknow—both in the Ganges plain of north India—were clinically examined.

Potassium bromate (KBrO3) is an oxidizing agent that has been used as a food additive, mainly in the bread-making process. Although adverse effects are not evident in animals fed bread-based diets made from flour treated with KBrO3, the agent is carcinogenic in rats and nephrotoxic in both man and experimental animals when given orally. It has been demonstrated that KBrO3 induces renal cell tumors, mesotheliomas of the peritoneum, and follicular cell tumors of the thyroid.

A great concern over genotoxic potential of environmental chemicals has been expressed in recent years. Endosulfan a polycyclic chlorinated hydrocarbon of cyclodien group, is a well known insecticide. It is widely used in agriculture and, in some countries, in public health.

The deaths in Bhopal caused by Union Carbide's noxious fumes should not have happened at all. Equally unnecessary and unwarranted is the continuing suffering of those who managed to survive. Situations that caused a tragedy of such magnitude could and should have been averted.

This is the chapter of the State of India's Environment: the second citizen's report 1984-85.