Chidambaram has given a thrust to industrial development. But by failing to balance this development with environmental concerns, he has cooked the goose of millions

SO FAR, West Bengal had been outside the fluoride map of the country which covers 13 other states. It has now been reported that contaminated water was coming out of tubewells running to a depth of

According to a recent report, about 25,000 workers in the bidi, zarda and gul factories in the northern part of Bangladesh are suffering from several diseases including tuberculosis and

Mythology has named Yamuna after the sister of Yama, the Hindu God of death. With the presence of toxic pesticides and chemicals in the river, this nomenclature seems prophetic

Segment I: Himalayan: From source to Tajewala; 172 km Segment II: Upper: From Tajewala to Wazirabad; 224 km Segment III: Delhi: Wazirabad barrage to Okhla barrage; 22 km Segment IV:

Delhi gets its water from the following sources off the Yamuna

The ethics of transplanting an organ from one species to another is debatable as the dangers involved are too many and unknown

Agra’s residents drink the waters of the Yamuna which become a ‘green soup’ in the fourth segment

The French manner of dealing with an apathetic government needs to be replicated in the Indian context

The capital s drains are the biggest contributors to the pollution