Do you want a country full of cars? Cars cause cancer. Scientists can even measure the cancer potency levels of the cars we ride. The so called cancer potency index has emerged as an important tool for risk assessment the world over. But think twice bef

The cancer causing potential of diesel cars is more than twice that of petrol cars in India

... from a German study confirming the carcinogenicity of the devil in the tank and the engine

There s more to diesel than cancer. And at the receiving end is poor people

Wet dry cleaning could soon become a safer alternative to clean clothes

Industrial estates of Gujarat are cesspools of filth and environmental health hazards. Yet the government is blindly promoting industry

the Thames Water company was fined us $403,400 by a London court for allowing millions of litres of raw sewage and industrial chemicals to flow into the Thames before diverting it into

Hydrogenated fat, also called trans fatty acids, are used by the food industry to increase shelf life and flavour in a wide variety of products, including french fries, crackers, cookies and snack

An increasing number of studies and reports are indicting the Gujarat government for letting off polluting industries lightly. A recently-released report by the Indian People's Tribunal ( ipt )

Sihanoukville, in the southern part of the country, has become the dumping ground for trash from neighbouring countries. The flow of refuse - from electronic goods to car parts - continues with the