Europe is debating a ban on PVC due to environmental and health concerns. Industry is fighting back with a high profile campaign

It is known for its ability to render birds sterile, enter the food chain, persist in its original form without degrading for a long period of time, disrupt the reproductive system and is suspected

The Justice department files a mammoth civil lawsuit against cigarette manufacturers in the US

mexico's Environmental Protection Agency ( epa ) plans to release an

An immolation bid by a Bhopal resident leads to closure of polluting factories

Having done precious little to clean up its polluting act in the past 30 years, a Kerala factory is indirectly blackmailing the state government with a closure notice if it does not get raw material at dirt cheap rates

The Indian Oil Corporation, a public sector company, was reluctant to provide clean diesel to Delhi when asked by the Supreme Court. But after a private sector industrial group, Reliance, offered to supply it, the company rushed to do the same. The pu

The Supreme Court has issued notices to four major cigarette companies, including tobacco giants ITC Limited. The action follows a public interest petition filed by former Congress member of

A study on polychlorinated biphenyls in Russia may throw up some startling findings

following the "dioxin in food' scare in the country, the Belgium government has confirmed its plans to withdraw and destroy pork products with more than 20 per cent fat content held in