Diesel vehicles still have a long way to go as far as controlling particulate emissions is concerned and at the current level of technology development, diesel is harmful to public health

Jason Mark and Candace Morey , transportation analysts of UCS, have analysed various emission reduction technologies for diesel vehicles in their attempt to show that all of them have severe limitat

Rapping the US on the knuckles for banning shrimp imports from developing countries was only a technical exercise by the WTO

A fight over pickerel catch in Ontario turned into a bitter wrangle when the US started stretching every trade rule in the book

The South managed to make its presence felt, but this was due to the US Europe rift

Delegates were particularly unhappy with the secrecy maintained by the host nation USA

Public perception of health and safety standards mean more than money

Indian companies are learning how to fight the civil society from their Western counterparts

Europe is debating a ban on PVC due to environmental and health concerns. Industry is fighting back with a high profile campaign

It is known for its ability to render birds sterile, enter the food chain, persist in its original form without degrading for a long period of time, disrupt the reproductive system and is suspected