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A UK biotechnology company ReGen Therapeutics, is developing a potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease based on colostrum - the first milk produced by mammals after giving birth, which offers

Doctors at a fertility center near Washington report that they can substantially stack the odds that a couple using artificial insemination can have a baby of the sex they choose. The method,

By exploiting a compound isloated from a Chinese herb, researchers in Lucknow have developed an anti-malaria drug to cure cerebral malaria. Scientists at the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI)

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday expressed concern over the Central and Delhi Government's failure to establish how large quantitites of adulterated oil suddenly came to the city market causing

A group at Keio University in Tokyo said it has developed a method using a ball-shaped polymer to help proteins fold back into their most stable three dimensional shape. The technique could be a boon

A jury in Los Angeles has assessed punitive damages of more than $760 million against five oil and chemical companies for injuries suffered by workers building the Lockheed Corp., according to

Some 2.50 lakh people become mentally handicapped in Bangladesh every year for iodine deficiency as the iodisation drive failed to make a dent in the crippling public health hazard. A recent survey

A large number of medical practitioners associated with the Delhi Medical Association (DMA) have expressed shock and concern over the opening of an 'oxygen bar' in the capital without going into any

The prevalence of HIV positive cases in the blood being collected from voluntary donors by 27 government and private blood banks in the Capital, has increased over the last two years, reveals a

American consumers are being deluged with advertisements for prescription drugs. The Food and Drug Administration reluctantly opened the floodgates last August by allowing companies to promote