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European Union farm ministers will next month consider ending a ban on beef exports from mainland Britain, raising hopes that exports could start later this

The US government has been charged by a Congressional investigative wing of laxity in screening foreign drug ingredients imported into the country from a variety of sources, including Indian and

From Chilean grapes to Mexican tomatoes to fish from around the world, Americans are enjoying an expanding choice of imported food. But with imports up 50 percent in less than a decade, inspectors

Federal investigators are calling on the United States to stop importing food from nations that do not meet U.S. health and safety standards saying the Clinton administration and Congress have failed

Biological Evans Ltd (BE), a pharmaceutical company, in collaboration with the Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), Cuba, has launched two new genetically engineered anti-cancer

The Human Immuno deficiency Virus (HIV) cannot be transmitted through a pin prick, AIDs experts have clarified, putting to rest rumours that people are being injected with the virus in public places.

The Delhi high court has directed the state governemnt to consider the possibility of subsidising the important medicines which were extremely costly and cannot be provided free of cost by hospitals

Viagra may help millions of men and even some women. But there are some risks to taking Viagra that everyone, should consider before rushing to the

The Government is considering to levy a processing charge for blood being supplied by the government hospitals, a senior health ministry official has

A research group from Kyushu University said it has developed a high performance artificial liver for treatment of fulminant hepatic failure, where patients fall into a coma due to a sudden severe