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The British government inaugurate a cattle passport system that it hopes will lead to the lifting of the worldwide ban imposed on exports of British beef by the end of this year. A computer system

The international opinion of India's agricultural bounty is not as rosy as projected within the country, or so it seems from the latest report ' Beyond Malthus: Sixteen Dimensions of the Population

The $450-million private sector pharma major in China, Shanghai, Fortune Industrial Company Ltd, has decided to put up a plant in India. If everything goes well, the venture will be the maiden

Research has confirmed suspicions that a new gene could be yet another causative factor that makes people susceptible to Alzheimer's disease, an expert said. "Work that my group has been involved in

Penigra : An Indian variant of Viagra will hit the market next March with the claim that it will not hurt the customer's pocket. Penigra, being manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Cadilla Healthcare

How people remember things, why some things are more memorable than others, and how memory might be improved, are slowly being cleared up : a

The World Bank has approved a US$32.4 million credit for "Fast-track Project" to assist Bangladesh in addressing arsenic crisis, the largest poisoning effect in the country. The Arsenic Mitigation

Young black women in a job-training programme for disadvantaged youths were much more likely than other participants to be infected with the AIDS virus, federal health officials said. The centres

With sale of mustard oil now banned in both Delhi and West Bengal, focus has shifted to an instrument developed at Lucknow, which could help housewives detect 'argemone'adulteration in the oil. The

The Municipal Committee of Delhi today claimed that cholera positive cases had shown a major downward trend in the past three weeks. There were only 68 cases this week, 74 cases in the last week and