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Millions of people with a history of peptic ulcer disease continue to receive unnecessary treatment, according to researchers at the University of Michigan Medical Center. The study, which was

An independent congressional advisory panel and leading public health groups yesterday said they would not support any legislative settlement with tobacco companies that grants the industry immunity

Sunscreens do not prevent every type of skin cancer and they may even take some blame for the rising incidence of melanoma, a particularly serious form of skin cancer, the American Association for

Australia's plan to privatise meat inspection services has met fresh opposition from the European Union, following US objections to the plan earlier this month. EU officials in Canberra said

The bacteria found in plaque can cause blood platelets to clump up - the first stage toward a blood clot that could cause a heart attack or stroke, University of Minnesota researchers

The United States will send directive to all diplomatic posts abroad instructing them not to promote American tobacco products. Until now , the paper said American diplomats and trade officials

Women with two to five alcoholic drinks every day have a 41 per cent higher risk for breast cancer than women who drink no alcohol, says the Journal of the American Medical Association. And women who

Tuberculosis, the world's foremost killer, has made a comeback in Russia, ravaging the country's population at a rate of 250,000 a year and developing lethal strains not seen since World War

Computers can control Intensive care Unit ventilators more successfully than doctors, an expert in computerised medicine has told the American Association for the Advancement of Science. A computer

European agriculture ministers will be told today that an agreement is close with the US on a "veterinary equivalency" deal aimed at easing EU-US trade friction over meat. A final deal could be