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More than two lakh people in the industrial township of Modinagar(Ghaziabad) are living with sewer water and air pollution--and a high rate of malaria-- with neither the local city board nor the

"Vikalp", a programme to restructure reproductive health and family planning in Rajasthan's two most populous districts, Dausa and Tonk, has shown positive results. Launched in 1995, Vikalp was

About 20 people reportedly lost their eyesight after undergoing intra-ocular transplant (IOT) operations at Basti branch of world-famous Sitapur eye hospital. Although cases of people losing their

The US government is recommending use of a new HIV test that yields results instantly instead of a week later. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta says the rapid test will

Experts have expressed concern over the drastic increase in the number of HIV positive cases in Rajasthan during the past three years. Till the end of the previous year, the State had 340 cases

A multisectoral project currently being implemented across India to help alcohol and drug and addicts and to prevent addiction at the workplace has won fulsome praise of a key United Nations

A woman in her mid-8os who had breast cancer and was told she had two months to live became the first known person to legally commit doctor-assisted suicide in Oregon, according to an advocacy group

AIDS deaths in the U.S. are declining sharply as a direct result of powerful drug cocktails first introduced in early 1996, according to a provocative new research report. AIDS activists and

Thai scientists have developed the world's first successful dengue fever vaccine after 10 years of research with assistance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) , a senior official has

Visas issued to thousands of foreign students are bging checked as a result of a tuberculosis scare after an Indian died in Queensland, the Immigration Minister said today.