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Philadelphia's Pennsylvania Hospital announced recently that a baby born there in December came from an embryo frozen for about eight years. Such cases are bringing new hope to thousands of would be

A promising, powerful new form of vaccine medicine is being developed in Japan based on the strategy of inoculating patients with injections of raw genetic material. The technique is popularly known

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases said it plans to begin testing a method using silkworms to mass produce a vaccine to H5N1, the virulent new strain of influenza virus that recently made

The power of negative thinking may have a stronger influence on well being than the power of positive thinking, a study by Ohio State University psychologists suggests. Researchers found that the

Deep in a freezer at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington are tiny vials. They contain submicroscopic shards of one of the most deadly viruses the world has ever known, the influenza

Passenger concern that poor air quality on flights may be putting them at risk of disease has prompted United Airlines to install filters used by hospitals to sheild transplant patients. It says the

A new metal device has been invented to treat "Mitral Stenosis", where the left side heart valve, known as Mitral Valve, becomes smaller because of Rheumatic Fever. The Bangalore based Jayadava

Tamoxifen, an anti-estrogen drug, widely used for breast cancer treatment, has shown promising results as a male contraceptive agent in experimental studies conducted at the NTR university of health

The country's first genetically engineered hepatitis-B vaccine produced and developed by Hyderabad-based Shantha biotecnics was commercially marketed on

The Indira Gandhi Medical College or the state hospital here, earlier known as Snowdon Hospital, caters to poor himachalis and is a comparatively well equipped one. But this hospital suffers from