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I AM just sincere. I also lead a very disciplined life, in every sense .My workout schedule depends on the time. In the off-season, I spend a little more time working out, because if I work hard to

Ali Irani has been the physiotherapist to the Indian cricket team since 1987

YOU thought loofahs were just for scrubbing in the bath? Well, an Italian firm has come up with a new role for the fibrous skeleton of the gourd-like Luffa cylindrica. It can be a non-toxic and

IS CAFFEINE, which is present in tea, coffee and coke, harmful to pregnant women and foetuses? Although there have been indications to the contrary, a recent Canadian study has found evidence that

WIDESPREAD depression is a cause of concern to psychiatrists. According to the book, Down with Gloom or How to Defeat Depression, by Brice Pitt and Mel Calman of the Royal College of Psychiatrists,

Lockheed Corp of the US has developed an inexpensive, part liquid, part solid telephoto lens that guarantees a sharper and better-contrasted picture than the conventional lens. Besides correcting

India faces an acute double burden of disease. While nutritional and communicable diseases remain serious, non-communicable diseases are on the rise, says the eighth report of the World Health

YOUR SALIVA may give a clue to your personality, says James M Dabbs, professor of psychology at Georgia State University in the US. Dabbs is trying to establish whether a relationship exists between

The man who developed a test for carcinogenic properties in synthetic chemicals now claims virtually all chemical-related cancer scares of the past two decades have been hysterically exaggerated.

THIS YEAR'S Nobel prize -- worth $825,000 -- for physiology and medicine has been awarded jointly to UK's Richard Roberts and USA's Phillip Sharp for their 1977 discovery of "split genes". The