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The world's first anti-leprosy vaccine, 'MW-vaccine', which has been developed in India, will be released for commercial use today. The National Institute of Immunology (NII) developed the vaccine,

The American College of surgeons has conferred its covered "International Guest Scholar" award on Dr Ashok Kumar Hemal of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) here, in recognition of

Research and drug trials in India have led to the launch of a global campaign aginst lymphatic filariasis whose victims with swollen arms and legs are commonly seen in parts of the country. About

Dreaded AIDS was now spreading to general population through unprotected sexual contacts in Manipur, official sources said in

Steps to contain the outbreak of classical swine fever in Lower Saxony, Germany, appear to have succeeded and officials have lifted most of the movement restrictions in the

A quarter of men have high levels of a growth protein linked to a greater likelihood of prostate cancer, says a new study that may point scientists towards to reduce the incidence of the cancer.

A recent survey conducted among some 3,000 school children in Rajasthan has recealed that while seven per cent urban children were suffering from asthma, it afflicted 10 per cent of the rural

A Kerala Government-sponsored research project on higher incidence of cancer suspected to be caused by higher levels of radiation along the Karunagapalli-Chavara coast in Kollam district will receive

Researchers have found that pregnant women who drink three or more cups of coffee a day may be harming their unborn child.

The Delhi government is going to issue directives to private bloodd banks to stop organising voluntary donation camps . In a meeting on Wednesday of senior officials of the Union and Delhi governmant