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Illness caused by contaminated foods will increase unless the government undertakes new and comprehensive public health efforts to detect cases amd prevent outbreaks, leading experts said at a

The Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, Bombay in association with the Sankara Netralaya here, has developed the prototype of a radio-active "plaque" to be used for treating tumours of the eye.The small

The Centre's decision to ban non-iodised salt while making mandatory the sale of iodised salt tantamounts to a violation of the fundamental rights, experts have said.

By January next week, school children in India should be able to get a nutritious, tasty but affordable snacks such as 'chikies' or candies, according to Dr Manju Sharma. The nutritious packet has

An appeals court judge opened a formal inquiry into the UK government's handling of mad cow disease and said he couldn't meet his deadline of reporting at the end of the year. Justice Nicholas

Children who reach the thinnest point of childhood before age 5 are more than twice as likely to become obese adults as children who lose their baby fat later, researchers from Children's Hospital

Smokers who cannot quit may have a gene that makes them enjoy the nicotine in tobacco too much, researchers at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center have

A German company has announced that it is abandoning its half interest in a kidney dialysis center in Guangzhou, China, admitting that Chinese military officials had probably made it an unintentional

Calcium channel blocker drugs used to control high blood pressure and angina may cause depression and lead to suicide, Swedish doctors warn. Dr. Arne Melander and colleagues at Malmo University

Depression is a family affair, in more ways than one. Not only does depression in one family member affect everyone else, depression in one or both parents greatly increases the risk that their