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The Clinton Administration says it intends to revamp the nation's system for allocating livers to people awaiting transplants so that patients most seriously in need of the organs will have priority

The Peruvian government on Thursday said it would continue a controversial family planning programme that includes the sterilisation of poor women but added there would be restrictions.The policy

THE book is a compilation of 42 papers contributed by social, physical and environment scientists who are working with issues that confront the Himalayas. The first three papers deal with the

the Maharashtra government has withdrawn a controversial circular seeking to isolate hiv -positive women in the state and carrying out compulsory Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (aids)

Drugs for treating cancer will be more effective and less toxic in future and molecular technology is propelling the development of a cancer vaccine, according to researchers. Scientists at a recent

The United Nations is blaming the multi-billion dollar western pop music industry for the dramatic rise in drug abuse world-wide. "The most worrisome development is a culture of drug-friendliness

Children are the most susceptible to dietary vices - as the focus on them by advertising and fast food companies testfies. But overeating during childhood does not just produce obesity. It may

A breakthrough in the treatment of Malaria may be near as scientists at Johns Hopkins University are developing an anti-malarial treatment based on artemisinin, a derivative of a Chinese herbal

Facing pressure from American aid officials and congressional threats to cut off assistance, the Peruvian government is abadoning a campaign that led to sterilizations of thousands of poor

An outbreak of malaria has killed 31 people in the southern Philippines and officials on Wednesday blamed bandits for frightening off health teams sent to kill mosquitoes in remote