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The Indian government's ban on the controversial contraceptive drug, Quinacrine has been welcomed by medical specialists and women's research groups in USA.

Adulterated mustard oil, responsible for the dropsy epidemic which has already claimed one victim, has found its way into locally made pickle. At least 30 per cent of pickle picked up in random

For the security personnel toughing it out at high altitude areas like Siachen or engaged in high-pressure job of combating militancy in the North -East , strain and intense loneliness can

Scientists have findings that may dampen the spirits of chronic-boozers--there is evidence of permanent brain damage in alcoholics. A team from the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences used the

The Madhya Pradesh government has decided to lift the ban on private practice by doctors of the health and family welfare department with immediate

Every year, about 50 US blood donors test positive on the standard HIV screening tests, even though they are not infected with the human immuno deficiencyvirus, researchers report. A certain pattern

Blood pressure levels usually dip somewhat during sleep, but working the late shift seems to disrupt this natural diurnal cycle, according to US researchers. People who work evening and night shifts

Exposure to gas stoves in the home may lead to respiratoryproblems in children, especially those with asthma, researchers report. Research reveals 'a significant adverse effect of gas stove exposure

The number of known cases of HIV - the virus that causes AIDS - on the China has reached 10,676, nearly 30 per cent up on last year's total. Intravenous drug users accounted for nearly two-thirds of

Local governments are being given greater authority to police the growing floating population and have told employers to help enforce birth-control measures. The extra power is contained in a new