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The public is largely unaware and the authorities nonchalant. But doctors are steadily getting more and more cases of a relatively new and dangerous scourge stalking the Calcutta and countryside:

The detection of 37 malignant malaria cases in the Calcutta city has led the Calcutta Municipal Corporation to set up an expets team which is conducting an anti-larvae drive. CMC technicians examined

A new wonder drug, which could simultaneously cure cancer in blood, central nervous system, lungs, ovaries and the breast is on the cards. And the onus for this is on T. Ravikumar whose thesis

The Indian Council of Medical Research has come up with a new set of guidelines on the issue of transfer of biological material into and outside India for biomedical

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has set up a Core Group of experts to address the issue of gender inequality with respect to maternal mortality, female foeticide and infanticide and poor

Women suffering from advanced breast cancer that has spread to other organs may soon be able to take a pill in their quest to slow their incurable disease. Advisers to the US Food and Drug

Tuberculosis(TB) has re-emerged as the number one killer in the world. And the battle against it will mainly have to be fought in India, says Dr Thomas Frieden, WHO medical officer in India. Every

Undercover agents have stumbled across a number of stores, in Manhattan selling bidis-handrolled Indian cigarettes - in a drive by the city administration against those selling tobacco products to

The incidence of brain stroke, a major cause of mortality and morbidity, is on the rise in India. Currently, strokes constitute more than four-fifths of admissions in neurological sections of the

A new way of curing inherited illnesses by rewriting genetic codes could go on trial before the end of the year. The technique involves the injection of a DNA cocktail that rewrites the code of