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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Maharashtra Government has abruptly withdrawn a controversial circular seeking to isolate HIV-positive women in the State and carrying out compulsory

The Delhi State will soon get a mobile key hole surgery unit to perform 1,000 laparoscopic operations annually, renowned Surgeon, Mr. P.R.Kucheria, said here on

Report: A study has been initiated to find out the relationship between sanitation and growth stunting. This will study 800 children in two locations in South Asia and 800 more in two locations in

The ancient ginkgo tree, native to China, may hold some of the secrets to reducing the signs of ageing, if not to eternal youth. The ginkgo is thought to contain chemical catalysts called

Pressure is increasing on the EU to ban the use of antibiotics in animal feed, with consumers and some member states calling for action by the European Commission. The Union consumer group Eurocoop

New guidelines to clarify what information should be provided on medicine instruction leaflets across the EU are being drawn up by the European Commisson. The move is partly aimed at ensuring that

Photodynamic therapy-in which drugs that become toxic when exposed to light are used to destroy tumours-is a highly promising cancer treatment. But it is effective only against relatively flat and

The involvement of certain oncogenes and oncogenic viruses in the genesis of oral cancer, the role played by the them as a key regulator in human malaria parasite, advances in the battle against

A saliva test for breast cancer that would allow women to take home a "spit test" rather than attend a routine mammorgram is two to three years away from

This year, the West Bengal Government, the Calcutta Municipal Corporation and Unicef plan to make a concerted bid to battle malaria from the lowest level - starting with the people - by launching an