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HE green bug has finally bitten the Supreme Court. In a recent statement on March 30, Chief Justice A M Ahmadi declared that all official cars belonging to the court would soon run on

Enzymes remain active at freezing temperatures

British doctors are investigating the possibility of diagnosing certain illnesses by "smelling" the patient's breath using an electronic "nose". The ScanMaster is extremely sensitive and can detect

The early sci-fi image of robots taking over hazardous tasks so far done by human beings came a step closer to realisation with the success of NASA's (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

THIS decade is witness to the emergence of several issues regarding nutrition, health and environment. Nutrition in the Nineties attempts to compile articles about major issues regarding nutrition.

A mathematical relationship between planets in our solar system holds astoundingly true even for 3 distant planets orbiting a pulsar

Researchers associated with the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) in 12 countries have embarked on a project that aims to develop new varieties of food crops that will

What we can see constitutes only about 10 per cent of the universe's mass. Where is the rest hidden?

Two genes induce the intrinsically female embryo to change into a male

European scientists claim that a new generation of artificial limbs that are controlled by the brain and similar to a "natural" extension of the body may soon become a reality. Says Paolo Dario,