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Chyawanprash, the Ayurvedic health food, is under fire for a variety of reasons. Critics allege that the modern version does not follow the original recipe and is too sugary for diabetics : a

Mineral water bottles will now have to carry certification of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). At present, mineral water bottles do not carry a mark pertaining to the quantity of mineral content in

Scientists in Europe say they have isolated a chemical compound that is responsible for creating nicotine addiction among smokers. "For the first time, one particular molecule has been shown to be

A low cost non invasive self assessing technique for heart patients has been developed for the first time in the country by the non-government organisation Saaol Health and Research Foundation

The US government should raise tobacco prices by at least $2 a pack, to strengthen the Food and Drug Administration's authority to regulate nicotine and ensure that trade policies do not undermine

Hopes have risen in Hong Kong that the avian flu outbreak may be on the wane, with no new cases reported for six days following the mass slaughter of 1.5 million chickens and other

Brown and Williamson Tobacco, a US subsidiary of Britain's BAT Industries, has defended its role in an alleged conspiracy to produce high-nicotine tobacco, saying it never intended to use the tobacco

The Justice department has brought the first criminal action in its long investigation of the tobacco industry, accusing a biotechnology company of engaging in a scheme with a major cigarette maker

A new drug to kill cancerous or bacterial cells by punching a hole in them is being developed by US scientists to fight cancer effectively

Researchers claim that a new red gel could dissolve decaying parts of teeth and cure bleeding