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The world's first hand transplant has been carried out by an international team of doctors at a French hospital. The right hand and forearm of the anonymous donor were attached to 48-year-old

Fears that chemicals used in PVC toys are poisoning toddlers are unfounded, according to Dutch scientists who have developed the first standard test to evaluate the risk posed by plastic

There is no evidence that radioactive contamination of food poses a risk to consumers. Even foods produced around radioactive hotspots such as the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant fall within

Bayer AG, in one of the largest drug-discovery alliances ever, agreed to pay Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. $465 million over six years to use genetics to search for cures to diseases ranging from

Wyeth Lederle has begun clinical trials for a new anti-diarrhoea vaccine in the country. This was announced by Baldev Arora, managing director, Wyeth Lederle, at the company's annual general meeting

The Director of Medical and Rural Health Services, Dr. M. Kamatchi, said that efforts had been made to set up a "central organ registry" .The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University had done some

Viagra, the anti-impotence drug, could be cleared for sale in the European Union within weeks, after winning approval from an European scientific committee. The EU's standing committee of medicines,

A new wave of treatments is giving fresh hope to the 4m people worldwide who suffer from Parkinson's disease. Five drugs have recently reached the market, several others are in development, and more

Phytopharm, a small British company which develops drugs from plant extracts, has licensed a plant-based appetite suppressing compound to Pfizer, the big US pharmaceuticals group. The collaboration

Women who smoke while pregnant appear to pass a potent carcinogen to the babies developing in their wombs, according to researchers. "These results demonstrate a significant risk to the unborn child