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As many as 75 persons have been admitted to Government hospitals after consuming adulterated mustard oil in different parts of the city. All of them complained of swelling in the limbs, face,

The Delhi Mayor, Mr. Yog Dhyan Ahuja, released a book, "Environmental Scenario of Delhi Slums" authored by Sabir Ali as part of a research work sponsored by the Council for Social Development. The

The scientist who caused a stir by announcing that rats fed on genetically modified potatoes suffered health problems, has now been dismissed from his job at one of Britain's premier research

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission today suggested the setting up of a scientific committee to come up with testing methods for checking adulterations in edible oil.

Church attendance, prayer, and Bible reading may save lives as well souls, a new medical study asserts. Religiously active elderly people have lower blood pressure than their less religiously active

India has become a dumping ground for low-tech medical devices from the US. And even some third world countries, which have no manufacturing facility, are unloading repacked substandard items

Jaipur based skin specialists claim to have developed a new method for treating a painful viral disease affecting nerves. Post-therapeutic neuralgia is caused by the reactivation of a dormant virus,

A memorandum on a need for a governmental ban on all forms of tobacco advertisements, including sport sponsorship was presented to Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee today.The memorandum signed by

A test due to be launched in North Carolina next month will allow doctors to predict exactly which patients with higher than normal cholesterol levels are at risk of heart disease and who will

The Union Health Ministry has sought the views of State Governments and non-Government Organisations (NGOs) on the draft national blood policy that it has formulated. The policy aims to tone-up the