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THE Japanese have come up with a process that makes wood resistant to fire, decay and warping. Earlier attempts at improving one of the 3 attributes invariably worsened at least 1 of the other 2.

YOU love those swatches of lustrous, flowing hair, but visits to the beauty salon may do more harm than good. After a year of extensive research on blood flow to the brain, New York-based neurologist

"HEALTH for all by the year 2000" was the proclaimed objective of the Primary Health Care Conference held at Alma Ata in 1978 under the aegis of the World Health Organisation WHO . The progress of this global programme is monitored by a process of period

DO YOU prefer the natural light that floods the room, but abhor the heat that it invariably brings along, especially on hot summer afternoons? Now, a system devised by a Queensland University of

Meteorite buffs are given to complaining that these bolts from the cosmic blue almost always land unsighted (provided, that is, they escape annihilation by friction in the Earth's atmosphere). But

FIVE cities in the Netherlands are participating in an innovative experiment to usher in healthier environs. They are building public housing geared to safeguarding health and protecting the

"THE limitations of present health activities are only a reflection of the modern system of medicine (which) has not yet developed a way of dealing with health problems at the social level," says the

The holy grail of synthetic taxol may be in sight. Taxol, used to treat breast and ovarian cancers, is extracted in very small quantities from the leaf and bark of the endangered Himalayan and

How does record wicket taker Kapil Dev maintain a blistering physical pace at an age when cricketers usually hang up their bats?

I AM just sincere. I also lead a very disciplined life, in every sense .My workout schedule depends on the time. In the off-season, I spend a little more time working out, because if I work hard to