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The Supreme Court agreed to decide whether the Clinton Administration can use statistical sampling for the 2000 census. The justices will hear arguments in the case on Nov.30, a fast track that

At least 26 people are feared to have died due to starvation and dysentery in the last 21 days in Kupakhal in Maikanch Panchayat under Kasipur block in Rayagada

Scientists at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in New Delhi claim to have developed two synthetic peptide vaccines for combating a lethal variety of

Despite assurances given by the authorites about all preventive measures being taken, malignant malaria has struck the city again for the second consecutive year. Figures compiled by the Indian

A Japanese "medical artist" is pioneering a new field with colour-changing body parts, including new breasts for women stricken by cancer and replacement fingers for Yakuza

Doctors at a fertility center near Washington report that they can substantially stake the odds that a couple using artificial insemination can have a baby of the sex they choose . The method,

After spurious mustard oil, it is spurious dal that has arrived at various shops in the city. Ingenious manufacturers of pulses are now selling urad dal disguised as moong dal.What makes the

Over the past decade, leading western tobacco companies have capitalised on the opening of markets in the former communist countries. US and European tobacco companies now own all the cigarette

Two news cases of "mad cow" disease have surfaced in France, bringing the number of cases discovered in the country so far this year to

The Food and Drug Administration in Thailand plans to divide herbal drugs into four groups based on their production process so as to facilitate their registration. However, manufacturers have