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Accusing the tobacco industry of stalling, Massachusetts has pulled out of negotiations between nine states and cigarette makers trying to reach an out-of-court national tobacco

A decade after the Behala adulterated oil tragedy which took the lives of 37 people, many who survived with stricken limbs are still awaiting justice. Memories of the tragedy in July 1988 prompted

It is the perfect way for athletes to cheat. No tests - urine, blood or even tissue biopsies - will detect its use. And a leading sports doctor has warned that this new-age development could be in

Anaruj Shankar and his colleague from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland have found that feeding zinc or vitamin A to children seems to raise their immunity to malaria. In a 13 month

Manufacturing drugs to fight obesity may become easier after the discovery of a protein

Contrary to popular belief that red wine is more cardio-protective than white wine or beer, a study suggests that all of them have equal presumptive health benefits. Gary Friedman and his colleagues

A study shows that middle-aged people who have negative expectations about themselves and their future, run a high risk of accelerating hardening their arteries. Such symptoms, researchers say may

according to a report by the World Health Organization ( who ), "hot zones' for Tuberculosis ( tb ) are spreading worldwide, where the new drug-resistant strains could potentially lead

A REPORT written by leading pharmacologists claims that about 20 per cent of the drugs prescribed in Germany offer no real clinical benefits. The report says that distinguishing between effec-tive

DOCTORS in the US have successfully performed an experiment where a woman has given birth after being implanted with eggs that had been frozen. Up till now, doctors in the US have been able to