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Bellary district has become one among the 100 districts in the country to be selected by the World Bank for malaria eradication project, Bellary City Municipal president S Markandeya

With only meager support, scientists and international agencies are struggling to tame the malaria parasite that kills 2.7 million people a year-and is spreading. But there are some promising

An acute shortage of blood has hit the blood bank at the main hospital in AIIMS for the past few days. Blood has had to be requisitioned from the Red Cross and the CNC Blood Bank in AIIMS itself to

About five years ago, Harvard University chemist George Whitesides had a brainstorm. Because polymers can be constructed with chemical arms able to selectively grab onto other molecules, why not

America is in the midst of an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). STDs strike some 10 to 12 million people each year. One in five adults now has herpes, for instance. As a defence

Diabetics who must jab themselves to test their sugar levels may soon be able to throw away their needles, according to a recent study. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in

More than 20 years ago, a doctor who was curious about the effects of long-term oral contraceptive use sent questionnaires to 370,000 registered nurses. The answers he and colleagues recieved have

A new and powerful AIDS drug will soon be available for use in the combination drug therapy that has helped many HIV-infected people fight off the AIDS virus. If it is as effective as some believe,

The Tamil Nadu Government, the World Bank and the Union Government will together spend Rs. 590 crores on the health and nutritional status of women and children in the State over the next five years.

Keeping alive thr country's traditional wisdom in medicine is a group of health practitioners caled "Gunis". Once spurned as mendicants by townspeople and despised as quacks by the men of modern