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health is not only - or even primarily - the concern of doctors and nurses. The community has a major role to play in creating an environment that makes available better health care facilities and

many times patients complain that

doctors often warn women who have breast cancer not to get pregnant. Since estrogen is believed to stimulate tumor growth, nine months of elevated levels of the hormone seem just too big a risk.

Researchers say that obesity drugs are harmful for health

Artificial antibodies developed in the UK would help the body s immune system

scientists at the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology ( iicb ), Calcutta have developed kits that use radioactive tracer drugs to assess functioning of vital organs such as the heart,

Mother's milk contains carcinogenic toxins. But health authorities still advocate breast feeding as the benefits far outweigh the risks. According to a report of the Com

African bushmen stand the risk of contracting deadly viruses from bushmeat

a large arsenal of germ-resistant goods have occupied store shelves in Japan to tackle an imminent outbreak of the Escherichia coli ( E coli ) bacteria this summer. More than 9,000

Lack of leg room in economy class seating can be harmful to middle aged people