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Russian and American engineers have teamed up to develop a new, natural feeling prosthetic foot. It was invented in the mid 1970s by Mark Pitkin, a Russian born professor of mechanical engineering at

A joint research team from Kanazawa University and the Kyoritsu College of Pharmacy said it has developed an effective type of cancer vaccine that boosts the body's capacity to mount an anti-cancer

Indraprastha Apollo hospital has started Lasik surgery for correction of vision and removal of spectacles at New Delhi.

The health ministry's recent decision banning the export of new drug molecules from India is set to erupt into a major controversy with the domestic pharma industry already facing the threat of

Unicef : High incidence of malnutrition in South Asian countries has been a major cause for concern calling for immediate steps to contain the malaise with nutritionists trying to find the root

Until the edible oil control order is imposed in the Capital, Delhi government's health department says it is unable to impose a ban on the sale of brands of other vegetable oil, samples of which

Even as Gujarat health and food and drugs administrations were rattled by the FDA laboratory in Vadodara confirming that dropsy had indeed struck, five more cases were reported from Dhansura, taking

Military researchers from the Army Medical Corps, San Diego say they are making progress against noise-induced hearing loss and have begun testing treatments that may be able to restore health to

Hospitals and nursing homes in Mumbai may soon be evaluated with a voluntary accredition system planned. Accreditation is a process wherein standards are set and compliance with them is measured

Pioneering "Face Off" surgery is being used at Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong for a cancer operation. The radical surgery aims to rid patients of recurring nasopharyngeal cancer, a deadly disease