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The prevalence of HIV positive cases in the blood being collected from voluntary donors by 27 government and private blood banks in the Capital, has increased over the last two years, reveals a

American consumers are being deluged with advertisements for prescription drugs. The Food and Drug Administration reluctantly opened the floodgates last August by allowing companies to promote

The number of cancer patients in Assam and other parts of north eastern region is increasing with every passing year and according to Director of Dr. B Barooah Cancer Institute Dr. Gazi G Ahmed, the

Two cases of the flesh eating bacteria have surfaced at Philadelhia hospitals. Necrotizing Fasciitis infects 500 to 1,500 Americans a year and is fatal in about 30 per cent of cases, according to the

A new drug cuts the rate of breast cancer deaths by two-thirds among women at high risk of getting new tumors, researchers led by Ingo Diel of the University of Heidelberg reported. The drug,

Two journalists in the US are thwarted in their efforts to tell an important public health story-that Monsanto's genetically engineered milk hormone may promote cancer in humans. Their story, is

study: Fasting rejuvenates the entire human system, says a study. Adding to the long list of the beneficial effects of fasting, the findings of a study conducted by the city-based Centre for Cellular

global trials on for hepatitis--B indication : British multinational Glaxo has registered its potential blockbuster anti-AIDS drug, lamivudine (also known as 3-TC), with the Drugs Controller

AIDS has established its roots in western Madhya Pradesh at an alarming rate. According to official sources, of the 208 AIDS patients identified in the state till March this year, 144 belonged to

Europe's state-funded health care systems are in a blind over whether the government should fund, purchases of Viagra, amid fears that health budgets may be unable to bear the extra financial burden,