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A daily meal of fish can cut the risk of heart attack by 30 per cent, according to new research. Professor Lawrie Beilin, scientific director of the Heart Research Institute of Western Australia,

A genetics pioneer wants to try gene therapy on foetuses in hopes of curing them of deadly diseases before they're even born. But first he's asking scientists and ethicists to debate the experiment

Close on the heels of the controversy pertaining to Ciba Vision's launch of an 'all in one' solution for soft contact lenses, its sister convern Novartis India Ltd (NIL) is now planning to introduce

The Centre has embarked upon an exercise to review the Drug Policy governing the pharmaceutical sector of the country . This would in effect mean a total rehauling of the Drug (price Control) Order,

Indian scientists studying the structure of living cells have discovered tiny rafts on their surface transporting a class of proteins the way boats carry people across the river. The phenomenon of

A galaxy of the world's top immunologists, including several Novel laureates, are among the 3,000 scientists who would be attending the 10th international congress on immunology beginning on

In what could be a significant step in curbing the malaria menance, an Indian scientist claimed that feeding zinc or vitamin-A to children could raise their immunity against malaria. Mr Anaruj

A team of Japanese and American scientists from Jikei University School of Medicine in Tokyo and the University of California San Franscisco has developed a new mouse model for Down's syndrome. The

The Biomolecular Engineering Research Institute said it has used the technique of evolutionary engineering to create a type of catalytic antibody with 10 times greater ability to promote the linking

Scientists have discovered a gene mutation that they say plays a significant role in the development of prostate cancer. Men who carry the mutation in the gene CYP3A4 had more advanced prostate