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Cadmium,'which is a naturally occurring element, finds considerable use in industry. It, however, gets into the food chain and enters the human body. The exposure to cadmium and its subsequent

USING one of nature's amazing biological postmen - the harmless sendai virus (discovered in Japan some 50 years ago) - Delhi University biochemists have come up with an injectible system for

NEW viruses are the order of the day. Scientists at the National Institute of Immunology (under the ministry of science and technology) in New Delhi have uncovered a new hepatitis virus, which

THOUSANDS of people living in the Nigata, Kumamoto and Kagoshima pre- fectures in Japan had contracted the Minamata disease (first detected in the early 1950'5) -a form of organic mer- cury poisoning

APES might come to the rescue Oour AfDS-infected planet. After a pro- longed period of deliberations, the us Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given the green signal to a revolutionary

A recent study gives disturbing revelations about the impact that everyday use chemicals may have on the human sperm count and even induce sex change

Ruthenium Iinked DNA strands can make genetic testing cheap enough to be commonly employed

ALL beer guzzlers bewarel This popular drink may after all be a repository of carcinogenic chemicals like nitroso- dimethylamine, according to scientists of the Hyderabad-based

Population control measures using the controversial contraceptive, Norplant -- developed by Population Council, us -- has backfired, with its acceptance level among women being on the lower side.

DETECTING the deadly hepatitiS-B virus will now be easier, thanks to a new technique developed at the Delhi-based International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. Instead of the