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A Senate committee has concluded that while the government failed many U.S. veterans of the Gulf War, there is insufficient evidence to conclude that explosure of Iraqi nerve gas caused the illnesses

French researchers have discovered in Africa a new strain of the virus that causes AIDS that is so different from other known strains that it easily escapes detection by standard blood screening

Delhi health minister Harsh Vardhan has repeatedly appealed to mustard oil traders to destroy stocks or return the same to producers. But how is this to be done? While officials themselves seem

The LIC will soon launch a new health policy called "Jeevan Asha" covering about 30 diseases. Addressing a press conference on the 42nd anniversary of the LIC, Senior Divisional Manager R C Agarwal

Unborn children could hold the key to performing operations that leave no scarring revealed a British doctor. The team discovered that by injecting foetal tissue into patients, their wounds healed

The government is likely to ban use of mustard oil in the manufacture of vanaspati to check the spread of dropsy caused by adulterated mustard oil.

About 25,000 Nepali citizens are feared to be infected with HIV. This was stated by Dr B B Karki, director of the National Centre for AIDS and STD Control. His statement is the first that a senior

A breastfed child is healthier and less prone to infections, say experts. Breastfeeding also saves unnecessary expenditure on alternatives like bottle feeding. Addressing reporters on the first day

Scientists believe diabetics will one day replace daily injections with an implanted shock wave container of cells that produce insulin therapy naturally, writes Sean Hargrave. Animal tests on the

On an average 105 female infants were killed every month in Dharamapuri district throughout 1997. This was despite the tall claims of successive state governments and the many schemes launched to