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Uttar Pradesh's first ever test-tube baby was born to Reeta and Kanchan Ahluwalia last Saturday at the Malhotra Nursing Home in Agra. Dr R M Malhotra of the Malhotra Test Tube Baby Centre announced

It's a search that has cut across political and geographical barriers. And, though the response has been over whelming, a 13-year-old Delhi girl suffering from leukaemia still awaits a bone marrow

China recorded its first Aids case in 1985. Since then, HIV infections have risen to an estimated 300,000 say experts. A recent Ministry of Health report predicts the number could rise as high as 10

India is to convey to the WHO Director General, Dr. Gro Harlem Bundterland, its deep concern over some recent trends which point towards the dilution of the international organisation's focus on the

One man was jailed and penalties totalling 98,000 pounds were imposed after a court heard how hundreds of bags of asbestos had been dumped around Birmingham, including in a school playground and a

Veterans of Gulf War have complained for years of a cluster of ill defined and often unexplained ailments they think are related to their service. Many believe that their wide ranging symptoms can

Celltech, the biotechnology company, said that its antibody treatment for Crohn's disease-a serious bowel condition-could reach the US market up to a year earlier than expected after the regulator

The noted ecologist, Dr Vandana Shiva, today added one more dimesion to the talk of a "conspiracy" behind adulteration of mustard oil and expressed suspicions about the soyabean industry being the

Kerala has urged the Asia Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) to refer the controversy over the alleged ill-effects of coconut oil to the World Health Organisation for scientific verification. The

Medical researchers in Mumbai have used leeches to treat patients suffering from varicose vein, enlarged and distorted blood vessesl commonly seen in the legs. The treatment, first described in