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study: Fasting rejuvenates the entire human system, says a study. Adding to the long list of the beneficial effects of fasting, the findings of a study conducted by the city-based Centre for Cellular

global trials on for hepatitis--B indication : British multinational Glaxo has registered its potential blockbuster anti-AIDS drug, lamivudine (also known as 3-TC), with the Drugs Controller

AIDS has established its roots in western Madhya Pradesh at an alarming rate. According to official sources, of the 208 AIDS patients identified in the state till March this year, 144 belonged to

Europe's state-funded health care systems are in a blind over whether the government should fund, purchases of Viagra, amid fears that health budgets may be unable to bear the extra financial burden,

A new interactive software that could analyse health parameters of a person and indicate his risk status and factors with regard to cardiac diseases, has been launched at Bangalore.

Himachal will be the first state in the country to control cataract blindness by the turn of the century. This was stated by Mr P K Dhumal, Chief Minister, while presiding over the state convention

Japan has too much money and too few people-too few of the right age, anyway. Japan's medium age is now 40, and the birth rate is well below the replacement level. Two-thirds of women under 30 remain

Pharmaceutical firm Hoffmann-La Roche has voluntarily withdrawn its heart drug Posicor from all markets. The move follows concerns that the drug can causepotentially fatal complications when taken in

With up to a third of Australians now using mobile phones, the Federal Government has commissioned a study to determine if they damage users' brains. With

Four of 23 people rushed to hospital after exposure to toxic fumes were under intensive care yesterday. Hundreds of students were evacuated from two Phra Pradaeng schools in Thailand after fumes