Massive forest fires

Predicted impacts on human health due to climate change include increases in temperature related illnesses, vector borne diseases, health impacts related to extreme weather events, and health effects due to food insecurity. These changes will require more emphasis to be placed on planning for health facilities, as well as increased capacity of the medical community to cope with these changes.

India being mainly an agricultural country the economy and further its growth purely depends on the vagaries of the weather and in particular the extreme weather events. The information on extreme weather events lie scattered in the scientific and technical papers and in the research work of many authors and if put together will help the research community for further analysis.

The authors in this paper present a factual and a brief review of the extreme weather events that occurred in India during the last 100 years (1991-2004). The socio-economic impacts of the extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, cyclones, hail storm, thunderstorm, heat and cold waves have been increasing due to large growth of population and its migration towards urban

For more than a decade now, Orissa has been reeling under contrasting extreme weather conditions: from heat waves to cyclones; from droughts to floods. Calamities have been visiting the state with alarming regularity.

We conducted the study described in this paper to investigate the impact of ambient temperature on mortality in the Netherlands during 1979-1997, the impact of heat waves and cold spells on mortality in particular, and the possibility of any heat wave- or cold spell-induced forward displacement of mortality.

High humidity coupled with extreme temperatures has resulted power demand in the Capital rising to unprecedented figures. Monday recorded the highest ever peak power demand at 4,668 MW, surpassing the May 24 record of 4,581 MW.

Till last year, the dreaded peak power demand mark for the department was a humble 4,500 MW. This summer, however, this mark has been crossed several times already.

Soaring temperatures took a toll on power supply in the state capital today as overheated transformers at the Hatia grid forced the Jharkhand State Electricity Board (JSEB) to enforce blackouts throughout Ranchi as a precautionary measure.

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The outstanding feature of Indian weather in the second half of April and the first week of May of the year was the extremely high temperatures over a large part of Northern India.