Himachal project runs into widespread protests

It's not every day that an innocuous email from a geophysicist leads you to a prime ministerial residence that is big time real estate. And we aren't talking 7 Race Course Road. I had to check out the villages of Prini and Jagatsukh near Manali, Himachal Pradesh, which had complaints against a proposed 192-megawatt hydro power project costing Rs 992 crore on the Allain and Duhangan rivers. Its proponent: the lng Bhilwara group, better known for the

Most Himachal mothers breastfeed for just two weeks

This is a story about the environmental clearance mechanism in India. Arguably legally strong, it fails in implementation. The project proponent looks upon the mechanism as a hurdle; for the administrator, it is mere routine. For affected communities, the

An empirical measure of the value of forests

Does the style of conserving forests currently dominant in India require an overhaul? Yes, say state governments and affected people. ruksan bose examines an alternative a notion and a practice slowly gaining ground in the

May affect the flow of Beas river

In India, primarily cattle dung is being used as an organic substrate for the production of biogas, however, majority of biogas digesters are underfed. Thus making it essential to evaluate other available organic sources for biomethanation. Various other animal wastes like poultry droppings, sheep droppings, rabbit droppings etc have been evaluated for biomethanation. Beside this, plant and crop residues have also been subjected to the process of anaerobic digestion under different conditions.

Tamarind paste, mud burial or klih : these preserved manuscripts

This technique of making and preserving manuscripts has survived over a thousand years in several districts of Himachal Pradesh.