Weak, corrupt and ineffective

The current method of environmental regulation has failed to monitor industrial pollution in India. It is not just ineffective but expensive too. Some countries are using alternative approaches but with mixed results

The final notification of the Great Himalayan National Park has jeopardised the livelihood of a tribe of migratory pastoralists. It has also cornered people of 130 villages in their own land on the name of biodiversity conservation

Despite the Supreme Court order banning mining in forest areas, illegal

The villagers of Khaniyara in Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh, have sought the intervention of the High Court against local slate quarries which are threatening the area's ecology. To

CAN IT: Rotten foodstuff in sealed tin cans will now be a thing of the past. Elbicon, a Belgian company which produces equipment for food processing industries, has developed a new quality control

The Himachal government's plans to install cement plants in the state create a none too happy situation

What is good for the environment in Himachal Pradesh seems to depend entirely on political ambitions in the state. HP governor Gulsher Ahmed's decision to revive proposals for huge cement plants in

Controversy over Himachal limestone mining

The subject of limestone mining in ecologically fragile Himachal Pradesh has become a political football, with plans changing as governments change. Villagers are divided on

Litigation against unscientific and environmentally dangerous mining activity brought Himachal Pradesh lime quarries into national prominence.