Are the Himalayan forests receding or expanding?

The endangered cheer, a pheasant found only in a few pockets in the western Himalaya, has been successfully reared in captivity for the first time in India. Lalit Mohan, a zoologist cum forester in

Both India and China are ancient civilisations possessing characteristic indigenous knowledge of conservation of natural ecosystems. The Chinese have recognised the potential of traditional knowledge and regard religious forests as an asset and an importa

Devastating earthquakes are waiting to strike India

Air pollution levels rise drastically in Asia; push health costs

Illegal smuggling of insects from the Himalaya comes into focus with the arrest of two Russians in Sikkim

the g b Pant Institute for Himalayan Biodiversity and Development at Kosi-Katarmal, near Almora, Uttaranchal, had recently organised a three-day national workshop to define a action plan for

Ground realities alone will determine the future of Himalayan biodiversity and the people of the area

PERHAPS no other geographical location attracts researchers, non-governmental organisations and social workers like the Indian Himalaya does. Yet, despite all the effort and finances that have gone