Fisherfolk in the Hooghly are enjoying boom time, with the Farakka Barrage having barred highly valued Hilsa from moving upstream, where procurement has fallen drastically. The average annual catch

Pollution levels in the Hooghly river rise sharply after the idols are immersed at Durga Puja, revealed a study done three years ago by J J Ghose of Calcutta University. Though publication of the

A pusher tug, a small barge that propels a bigger vessel, drowned in the Hooghly near Prinsep Ghat on Friday night, releasing oil into the river.

The Ministry of Environment and Forests is implementing Capacity Building for Industrial Pollution Management Project with the objective to support the development of institutional and methodological framework for implementing of pilots for rehabilitation of highly polluted sites resulting from rapid industrialization.

Persistent organic pollutants found Rising sea level and erosion aside, the Sundarbans now face a new threat. An international research team has detected polybrominated diphenyl ethers (pbde), a

West Bengal s Left Front government is all set to displace farmers