Will Maharashtra boom or boomerang?

environmentalists in the us have been alarmed by a recent study of the us Forest Service that says the country's forests are being destroyed at a frightening pace by housing development

Our houses gobble up energy and spew out carbon dioxide. Shocking, but true. Buildings, primarily residential and commercial facilities, are responsible for approximately 35 per cent of US greenhouse gas emissions. Ventilation and insulation are not given

Last week I met an official of the local municipal corporation to discuss a property tax case, a blatantly inaccurate and astronomical assessment. I asked: why? Said this officer, Harassment is our

Lakes were critical for Indian cities. They prevented floods and recharged groundwater. Today, these holes in the ground are either lucrative real estate for builders, the last resort for slum dwellers, or garbage dumps. In the past decade, concerned citi

The Karnataka High Court quashed the Karnataka state

The MP government makes amends for the Dewas killing

Three months after Gujarat was flattened by an earthquake, the state government goes in for a relocation plan to satisfy the builder s lobby

Deforestation, corruption or politics? The killing of four tribals in Madhya Pradesh s Dewas district leaves many questions unanswered

The Himalaya is the youngest range of mountains in the world are immensely prone to earthquakes. The entire range falls in seismic zone 5 and 4 it is highly prone to earthquakes of destructive intensity. The major Indian towns in the Himalaya have all g