Building an effective air quality management system (AQMS) requires a process of continual improvement, and the source apportionment techniques described in this report can contribute in a cost effective manner to improving existing systems or

Even as actor Salman Khan's brief stint at the t Jodhpur jail hogged the headlines, scientists at the Hyderabad-based Laboratory for the Conservation of Endangered Species (LacoNEs) held a quite celebration. Their experiment in artificially inseminating a black buck had proved to be a success. Blacky, as the fawn was named, was born on August 23 to one of the three inseminated bucks.

Supply-led water deprivation prevails in major cities in India. The per capita water availability in these cities is nowhere near the standards laid down by the World Health Organisation or the Bureau of Indian Standards (1993), and it is also far lower than that in other large cities in the world. The availability of water in Indian cities varies with socio-economic groups and areas.

The 400 years old city of Hyderabad is an industrially developed city surrounded by many industrial estates which continually discharge large amounts of wastewaters into the nearby receiving water bodies. The present paper aims to study the impact of the pollution characteristics of such industrial discharges on their receiving water bodies. 2007

This report provides information about progress in implementing the city action plans and the specific directions sought by the Hon

In urban areas there is an explosive growth of population and the number of automobiles. The ever-increasing vehicular traffic density is posing continued threat to the ambient air quality. Traffic policemen as a group of workers are exposed occupationally to the pollutants from vehicular exhaust.

It is clear that all cities face a common threat

On August 14, 2003, the Hon

On August 14, 2003, the Hon

In response to the direction issued by the Hon