The government unveiled a draft new policy for private participation in exploration and exploitation of shale oil and gas in the country. The move is in line with the government policy of attracting private investment for achieving self-reliance in the indigenous production of oil and gas, according to the policy draft.

Dr Bibek Bandyopadhyay is Senior Scientific Advisor in the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and heads the Solar Energy Centre (SEC). He is an expert in the fields of hydrogen energy, fuel cells, solar, thermal, development of green buildings and solar cities. In conversation he discusses the research and development activities undertaken by the ministry, the present challenges faced by the solar sector, and the future opportunities in solar and hydrogen energy.

Soaring fuel costs and its expected scarce availability in the future has led utility vehicle market leader Mahindra & Mahindra to explore opportunities in the unconventional space powering new vehicles, such as sports utility vehicles (SUV) and mini cars.

The Mumbai-based company is simultaneously working on concepts such as full hybrids, battery-powered powertrains, bio-diesel, fuel-cells and hydrogen-powered engines.

Energy security is a major challenge that needs imaginative and innovative solutions for a country like India. Therefore, options for diversification of fuels and energy sources need to be pursued vigorously to enhance the economic growth rate for socio-economic development.

California regulators are considering approval of far-reaching anti-smog regulations that would require automakers to ensure that 15 per cent of all vehicles sold in the State by 2025 are zero emission vehicles, while remaining cars will be required to show dramatically improved fuel efficiency.

The California Clean Air Board had been scheduled to vote on the proposal on Thursday, but were still listening to a procession of speakers.

NEW DELHI: Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) on Monday launched the world's first hydrogen-fuel-run three-wheeler HyAlfa that will ply in Delhi soon.

The world’s first hydrogen-powered three-wheeler, ‘HyAlfa’, was showcased at the 11th Auto Expo here on Monday.

Renewable energy sources should be fully tapped not only meet growing energy needs but also to protect environment and scale down use of petrol and diesel, said Central Electro Chemical and Researc


Everyday, with unfailing measure, they line up our city streets, hoping to make the quick dash, only to be sucked into smog, emissions and never ending traffic woes. Lined up as though in a factory assemly