This paper provides policy makers and managers, facing tough energy policy challenges, with a wider perspective of how the same issues are being addressed by different IEA member countries. The topics included are: Government structures for co-ordinating energy and climate policies; the use of long-term energy forecasts and scenarios; and progress in the delivery of key energy security policies.

Athletes and officials staying at the 2010 Commonwealth Games Village may get to travel on vehicles that will run on a newage green fuel. Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has asked the government for land at the Village site to set up a hydrogen-CNG (HCNG) filling station.

Hydrogen is hailed as a non-polluting synthetic fuel that could replace oil, especially for transport applications. The technology to make this a reality

US funding for hydrogen-fuelled transportation research got a boost on 17 July as the House of Representatives voted to restore $85 million to the research budget. The administration of President Barack Obama had proposed cutting the funds altogether.

In many spheres, technologies that can affect major savings are already at hand. The Integrated Energy Policy prepared by the Planning Commission estimates that India can generate negawatts

The U.S. Energy Department said on Wednesday it will provide up to $408 million in funding for two projects aimed at developing advanced "clean coal" technologies.

A concept car that attempts to sidestep the three main hurdles to the dream of hydrogen-fuelled highways was unveiled in London this week.

No single technology will triumph in the pursuit of a "greener" auto industry. Instead, the future will include a mix of cars powered by electricity, hydrogen fuel cells and biofuels, according to the world's biggest car makers.

Transport sector is an essential driver of economic development and growth, and at the same time, one of the biggest contributors to climate change, responsible for almost a quarter of the global carbon dioxide emissions. The sector is 95 percent dependent on fossil fuels.