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PIGS MAY may now rule the heart's of men. Dr David White, an immunologist and lecturer in clinical surgery at Cambridge University in UK, has discovered a way of transferring human genes to

OXFORD researchers have found children are more likely to inherit asthma and hay fever from mothers than fathers. The gene responsible, found on chromosome 11, is only active when inherited from

Pollution, disorderly urban growth and inadequate basic services are plaguing the Kathmandu valley and adversely affecting tourism, the valley's major revenue earner. Tourism itself is a burden on the valley's resources. Attempts are being made to stem t

The sorry state of the Bagmati is an eloquent pointer to the state of the Kathmandu Valley

Nepal's carpet industry is being castigated for being the primary polluter of the Kathmandu valley

THIS book is part of a project on technology transfer, transformation and development implemented by United Nations University (UNU), a UN organ established in 1972 to conduct research related to

The Newars of Kathmandu realised centuries ago that if they had to leave space for future generations, they would have to live as compactly as possible

Research shows that the once dreaded caffeine can be used in the battle against certain cancers

Trapped and exploited by dollar hungry exporters, a child carpet weaver's work ends when the sun goes down. Only then is he free to have his first and perhaps only meal of the day

ROUND logs can be transformed into square ones without using a saw. The process yields wood that is stronger, denser and less liable to split and warp (New Scientist, Vol. 135, No. 1828). The