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An NGO in Barmer has launched Tharparker animal breed improvement programmes in Minjrad and another village in the district. Two pure Tharparker bulls were brought in, one each from the two government breeding farms, to maintain diversity within the stock

The Union ministry of agriculture has moved an amendment to the Seeds Act, 1966, and also proposes to create a National Seeds Grid. While the aim of the former is to improve labels on seeds to help the farmer, the latter seeks to facilitate the availabili

The Bankariyas, a forest dweller community of central Nepal, have been uprooted from their traditional habitat and are living like refugees in their own country. Several other indigenous groups have suffered the same fate. The eight year old war between t

Jaggery traders in Andhra Pradesh's Anakapalli market ended 2003 on an unexpectedly high note. After mid-December, prices shot up Rs 95-Rs 110 per 10 kg of jaggery, fuelled by a shortfall of stocks

After call centres, will it be the mining sector? A us-based mining equipment manufacturer is all set to outsource its products from India. Brookeville Equipment Corporation (bec) has recently

It could help the Indian farmer manage risks better. If it works

Controlling the polluting sulphur emissions of ships has become imperative after recent research has proved that they are as harmful as the potent greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. One way to control the pollution is the use of abatement technology that trea

Rules abate mercury pollution

After finding high levels of dioxin related compounds in breast milk of women living near landfills, a Vadodara based non governmental organisation intends to file a public interest litigation PIL against the Gujarat Pollution Control Board and the Vado

The Kerala government has taken another decentralising step. It has handed over exclusive rights of mining and sale of sand from riverbeds to local bodies. The state's minister for revenue, K M Mani,