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The recent Supreme Court orders against polluting industries have merely kicked off an arduous process of cleaning up the Capital

Scientists are catching up with the biological clock in plants

Feminists may not like it, but women are softer, gentler... uh, feminine, says science

An enzyme displays belligerence towards cholesterol

A team of researchers from the Delhi-based Centre for Biochemical Technology (CBT) has recently formulated an Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (Elisa) -- an immune-based test kit -- for the early

Angina can actually reduce the chances of death through heart attacks, concluded a free heart camp in Delhi recenty. Angina causes severe pain because of oxygen deficiency in the heart. Over

Two squirts of Krazy Glue may soon be all it takes to prevent pregnancies. Gregory Berkey, radiologist at the hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, administered small quantities of

Some cases of mental illness in human beings may have a viral origin, say a group of German researchers. The team, led by Liv Bode of Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, found traces of the Borna

New technology to develop steel is on the forge

Physical activity for health