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A survey of the impact of power generation on Singrauli residents and their environment flays the National Thermal Power Corp for inadequate resettlement measures

FEW WOULD disagree that the monsoon in India is almost unparalleled in beauty, but not many realise the subtle nuances in the workings of nature that makes this season possible. These curious

BASED on a study by a Dutch academic, this book attempts to analyse variations in female employment by examining a cross-section of different forms of production and estimating their impact on

Two films, shown recently in the Capital, focus on alternative farming strategies as a counterbalance to the ecologically destructive Green Revolution

Area farmers in Uttar Pradesh contend match manufacturer Wimco, which had persuaded them to raise poplar trees for its factory, has reneged on its promises, leaving them indebted and impoverished

ANTS ARE hindering the return of forests on millions of hectares of abandoned pastures in Brazil by feeding on seeds of trees. According to a team of Brazilian and American researchers, two ant

Cables as messengers of information between computers are on their way out. A cableless computer network called WaveLAN, in which each computer is provided with an antenna that picks up data in the

WANT A healthy heart? Then eat a lot of walnuts. Just 28 grams of walnuts a day would be perfect, recommends a recent study that found the nuts to be an excellent source of heart-friendly fatty

THE INDIAN National Congress -- the political party that led the country to independence -- had as its election symbol during the 1950s two bullocks, to symbolise the relationship between animal

Plants grow taller and faster if sprayed with a solution of methanol, claims an American farmer