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Pure gene in demand: Asiatic lions at Junagarh zoo

People of Manipur, Mizoram oppose Tipaimukh dam

Off grid systems are immune to high losses. It can cater to a whole range of rural consumers

Ritual offering, survival food, index of sophistication: what s pagan about northeast India s penchant for wild meat?

Translocation as a way of dealing with leopard human conflicts is completely wrong

Seed major Monsanto has been held guilty for supplying Bihar's farmers with bad quality hybrid maize seeds two years ago and causing them huge losses. A House panel of the state government recently

Last fortnight, I wrote about my visit to a governance graveyard called the Union ministry of environment and forests. I also promised to pen a few more thoughts on the subject. Given that the

India's economic growth is mainly based on energy from fossil fuels like coal and therefore
has considerable potential in reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as well in CDM
participation. CDM projects starting after January 1, 2000, are eligible to earn certified emission reductions (CERs). However the modalities and procedures of the CDM may be too complex to exploit its full benefit. This guidebook will provide a roadmap to the project developers and investors for realizing the full benefit of CDM within the allotted time frame.

Concrete Facts is the result of an exhaustive two year effort to rate the cement industry. It details the industry's ecological challenges and rates how well Indian companies address them. Companies are benchmarked against global best practices at each stage of the life cycle - from mining to use of waste materials. Ratings also cover water and energy use, technology, dust emissions, and corporate social responsibility. The book also details the economic performance of the companies and sees how socially responsibly these blue-chip companies are.

Orwell Rolls in his Grave