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A campaign to save the last surviving primary forest in Europe launched last September in Warsaw still continues. Biolowieza Forest, spread over an area of 1,500 sq km and lying in Poland and

The closure of 25 polluting units in Gujarat on the orders of the High Court in early May and its subsequent fallout has caught the state government on the wrong foot. The 50-page order castigated

Human pressures are taking a toll of amphibians

Colombia's workers in the flower industry -- the 2nd largest in the world -- are organising themselves to fight against the excessive use of pesticides, 20 per cent of which are banned in the US and

In Australia's Queensland state, school children are fighting to save the bilbies. The bilby, a marsupial that lives in the rivers, is threatened by continuing hunts and attacks by cattle. Now, the

The dreaded AIDS virus could sooner or later affect the organised industrial labour force in India, leading to an alarming increase in absenteeism by 50 per cent, states a United Nations Development

The US is trying to revive solar thermal power technology

THE Arctic Ocean could be another Chernobyl in the making, says Alexel Yablokov, head of Russia's Interagency Commission on Ecological Security, pointing a finger at Russia's environmental

BENZENE hexachloride and malathion showed up in vegetables from the Azadpur wholesale vegetable market, prompting the ministry of agriculture to order the phasing out of chemical pesticides in

The residents of an unauthorised colony in Delhi battle all odds for a cleaner life