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A recent study by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has suggested that modifying and upgrading the existing machinery and technology in power plants and reducing transmission and

The ministry of non-conventional energy sources (MNES) has recently commenced a $5.5 million project, funded by the Global Environmental Facility, to convert municipal and industrial waste into

Harnessing solar energy has been a long-standing scientific goal. The latest approach employs chemicals that, like the leaves of a tree, soak up solar energy for use later

FOR some time now, international funding agencies have been at pains to show that they are concerned about the environmental and social aspects of the policies they promote. Very often, such concern

Indian scientists discover how living in the frigid continent affects the mind and the body

The unlit part of the crescent moon can help calculate Earth's temperature and measure greenhouse warming

The Other Wealth (63 mins, directed by Sudipto Sen), described by its producer, Mise-en-Scene, as "a tale of magic wetlands, its people and their technology", is about an outstanding example of waste

Removing stains from clothes is a quid pro quo affair -- for bleaching agents to work, the clothes have to be washed in warm water, which can ruin texture and colour. But now, researchers at Unilever

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Testing in Maryland, USA, have developed an instrument that can detect gases present in infinitesimal amounts (Environmental Science &

Irving Weissman and Fang Qian of California's Stanford University have discovered a protein that mimics the adhesive action of Velcro fasteners, a trait that could help in preventing cancer cells