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The business of ecotourism is set to boom worldwide. Who will gain and who will lose?

If tourism revenues are generated by the quality of natural

Can peace be ensured by sacrificing animals? Nepal's King Gyanendra thought it could and in doing so invited the wrath of animal activists. After he offered animal sacrifices at temples in Guwahati

Rail and road are the single most intrusive human activity into wildlife habitat. Unlike wildlife biologists, who have sourcebooks on how to manage wildlife ecosystems, road and rail route planners

The Supreme Court has sug gested that the forested states, which lose revenue because of the ban on felling of trees should be compensated for keeping their forests intact. Protection of the

Controlled burning of woodlands can be an effective tool for enriching the land and ecology. Dipanjan Ghosh looks at the possibilities

The people of Pudukkottai, one of the most backward

Damodar river is in deep water. Rampant mining in the North Karanpura coalfield spread over Hazari

Will the targets set for utilising flyash by power plants be met?