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Tribal women in an obscure block in Bihar churn out a success story

Beyond the Thar's austere barrenes, a battle of survival rages between the region's treasure trove of floral diversity and marauders like humans, animals and weather

Aquatic weeds need no longer be just a nuisance. Kaiser Jamil, a scientist from the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, reports that weeds such as water hyacinth can remove toxic

A SURVEY by the Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission, ministry of rural development revealed that 78 per cent of the 2,769 habitations in 18 districts of Uttar Pradesh lacked safe sources

GOVERNMENT and municipal hospitals in Bombay are running a high risk for doctors as no testing for HIV is done on patients. Doctors are afraid of conducting such tests because of the fear of

THE Birla Technical Service - a division of the National Engineering Industries - has formed a new joint venture company with Parsons group of the us for a World Bank (WB) funded environmental

ARE flowers no longer pure symbols of beauty or spirituality? The facts revealed in the book, though preliminary, present a sad story of the flower export industry in the Third World

The Aral Sea crisis exemplifies " creeping environmental problems", and unless India's environment ministers devote more time to natural resource management, we will multiply tragedies like Kalahandi and Palamau

The Saiga adivasis of Ghanneri village, living in Achanakmar sanctuary area of Bilaspur, have nothing but their undying spirit of struggle to fall back upon. Many at them, basods by profession