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SCIENTISTS at Cambridge University's Department of Pathology have found an effective way of treating patients with long-standing rheumatoid arthritis, using "humanised monoclonal antibodies".

THE CAMPAIGN by astronomers to stop artificial light in cities from affecting stellar views, which prevents them studying stars, is gaining a wider audience. Relentless light from surrounding cities

Though Indian electronics exporters heaved a sigh of relief following the postponement of die EC trade restrictions low, there are still fears that export orders may dry up.

Insects introduced to curb the spread of water hyacinths are avoiding feeding on those weeds that have been contaminated by toxic metals

As per capita private consumption declines in the country, the number of its poor is increasing.

Tests on mice show that a hormonal antibody inhibits the growth of turnours, giving rise to hopes for a vaccine to treat lung cancer.

Plants normally have only bisexual flowers. Some species, however, also produce male flowers to make the dispersal of pollen more efficient.

The controversial Human Genome Project -- a collaborative effort to decode and understand the human genetic code in chromosomes -- is already showing results and is likely to be completed ahead of

Karoshi -- death from overwork -- has struck corporate bigwigs in Japan. Now, white-collared workers and women too are being affected and a worried labour ministry has announced a set of initiatives

The killer cyclone that hit Andhra Pradesh in 1977 will long be remembered as India's worst natural calamity of this century. But that we still haven't learnt the lessons of the tragedy is evidenced by the widespread suffering that resulted from last mont