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In the Water and Sanitation Project implemented by the Tamil Nadu government with assistance from the Danish International Development Assistance, the institutional foundation for providing water supplies lies within the framework of the Panchayati Raj sy

The sudden spurt in the sales of private passenger cars that run on dirty diesel has grave implications for public health

Even remote areas can be electrified through biomass gasification

Numbers often speak a lot. Sample these. In the ten years between 1991-2001, the number of households in India having toilets within the premises increased by a whopping 95 per cent

The environmental situation in India is grave our natural resources are getting depleted at an alarming rate and there is an acute paucity of expertise to combat this crisis. Like any other government department, the Union ministry of environment and fo

The Indian Railways is the second largest railway network in Asia. It is the biggest public sector enterprise in India and connects the entire country. It is unfortunate that such a huge establishment does not have a specific policy vis-a-vis the environm

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the third most significant biodiversity hotspot in India. With a coastline of 1962 kilometres and many beaches straddling small isolated islands, the region provides an ideal nesting habitat for primarily four species o

India s first ever Charter on Corporate Responsibility for Environmental Protection, unveiled amid much hype on March 13 in New Delhi, has turned out to be just hot air

Developing countries like India need to be prepared for multilateral negotiations.

Millions of Indian villagers today act as guardians of forests, forming a mutually beneficial relationship, quite often without outside help. But it would be puerile to imagine that these communities would be able to tackle the crises arising in the realm