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A specific wetlands policy needs to be in place

Another worthy cause has been lost to the number game. Almost 15 million fishworkers of the world suffered a blow when the 93rd annual conference of the International Labour Organisation (ilo) did

Government juggles with data to rehash Northeast India s industrial policy

• A coalition of environmental advocacy groups based in the UK participated in a weeklong protest outside the London headquarters of the major grocery chain, Sainsbury. Activists gathered every

Groundwater plays a critical role in the agricultural economy of Gujarat state. The lack of surface water resources has put more pressure on groundwater to meet both agriculture as well as industrial and domestic sector demand. More than 90 per cent of the total irrigated area is covered through groundwater source in the region. The groundwater development in the region has taken place in an exponential manner. There is heavy overdraft, exceeding the annual rechargeable capacity in some areas.

People s resistance builds up against Durgapur sponge iron units

SC Monitoring Committee wants toxic ship sent back

The tiger occupies a hallowed seat in India. Ecologists believe that millions of small ecological processes live out their routine lives under its majestic awn. But the picture gets muddled with the entry of another god: the human. The tiger has to now co

From one of India's foremost reserves, right under the gaze of an establishment meant exclusively to protect the tiger, the big cat has gone missing. But this disappearance is rather unsurprising.

When the new president of the Confederation of Indian Industry took charge last fortnight, he reportedly made the following observation: While the flow of direct foreign investment is important,