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indian metros are fast turning into virtual gas chambers as pollution levels have reached unmanageable proportions. Delhi, Calcutta and Mumbai rank fourth, sixth and 13th respectively among the 41

Henceforth, all cases relating to pollution pending with the Supreme Court of India, will be dealt by the high courts of the respective states. This was decided by the apex court in a ruling given

The recycling option has once again shown that wastes like bagasse and wheat straw can be profitably used to generate energy, which could in all probability, ease the continuing energy shortage

what do bananas, oranges, potatoes and other fruits and vegetables have in common with dry cells? Researchers from the Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh, have developed

the title of the book might convey the impression that it is limited to birds and their habitats. But it actually gives an exhaustive overview of the environment, with birds as the parameter for

the Indo-Bhutanese agreement on the Sankosh river multipurpose project, is in troubled waters. Several non-governmental organisations (ngos) in Siliguri, Assam, are gearing up to oppose its

Roots of Datia
Directed by K Bikram Singh 30 mins English
Format: Betacam

yummy utensils: Instead of wiping their dishes and bowls clean, people can now munch and chew them up after meals. A Taiwanese inventor, Chen Liang has launched edible containers made of wheat

Subsidies and low prices of energy do not help the poor, in whose name these steps are ostensibly taken; they merely fatten the urban and rural elite

Some exciting recent developments indicate that India s forest people might soon have their home rights restored and be allowed to manage their own affairs