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The charting of how poisonous gases spewing out of a volcano spread might help reduce the loss of life

A new study shows that the newborn babies of women afflicted with a severe form of AIDS could fall victim to the disease quicker

IT'S no use trying to corner global warming on any day of the week but Wednesdays, says Adrian Gordon of the Flinders Institute for Atmospheric and Marine Sciences in Adelaide, Australia. His

THE results of the recent analysis of a skull excavated 10 years ago from cave deposits at the Jinniushan site in China reveal that it is the oldest specimen of Homo sapiens found in the country

DNA technology has taken yet another step forward in its quest to unravel life's mysteries. The longest contiguous DNA sequence ever decoded has recently been deciphered by scientists at the Genome

A NEW rapid dipstick method to detect the presence of the malarial parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, could prove a boon to diagnosticians. The test, which has a sensitivity as high as 95 to 100 per

In the March 8 hearing of the Taj pollution case, the Supreme Court agreed to consider a more humane way of tackling the problem instead of relocating the hundreds of polluting industries in Agra and

Physicists offer a radical theory to facilitate understanding of the phenomenon of inertia

After years of killing his fields with pesticides and fertilisers, a sapota grower rediscovered cultivation without chemicals

Examining hair fibres could help determine when South Americans graduated from hunting vicunas to herding llamas