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the proposed 165-km long rail line between Hubli and Ankola, near the Goa border has drawn the ire of environmentalists who say that the project will cut through the evergreen forests of the

the public hearing committee on environmental issues had to postpone its programme of collecting public opinion on the proposed barge-mounted power project at Tadari near Gokaran, Karnataka.

Government and industry support groups step in to check pollution by small scale units

Continents break up, move away and rejoin again. Such unsteady phenomenon on the Earth has been happening for ages. Recently, scientists have predicted that in 50 million years from now, the

Adoption of new devices for lighting can help lighten the burden of work and raise human productivity

Low pollution cars which use less gasoline are the need of the hour

Water starved regions can become sef suficient

Usha Birta Water System, a water filtration and purification system developed in Nepal jointly with a German firm was unveiled early this month in Kathmandu. Golcha Industrial Group, a

the fisheries minister of Kerala, T K Ramakrishnan, has blamed the Union government's deep-sea fishing policy for depletion of marine wealth. He said that the Centre had allowed for deep-sea

the World Wide Fund (wwf for Nature has declared 1998 as the year for the tiger. It has also chalked out plans to counter increasing cases of poaching and illegal trade in major tiger range