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The Tamil Nadu Assembly recently passed a bill to regulate aquaculturtb, amidst vociferous protests by the Opposition members, who opined that the bill would only force the farmers to

TIGER census will now be done by shoot- ing the cats - with a camera, of course! Earlier, pug marks counting was the only method. "Camera trapping", as ,he new method is known, lalls for the

The brutal face of modern day terrorism bared its fangs recently on a busy subway system in Tokyo. On March 20, a vicious nerve gas spewed through subway cars and stations during the morning rush

Beneath the gloss of populist governmental rhetoric, this year's budget is a dead loss

Latest technologies are set to bring a sea change in the field of archaeology and anthropology

Renovating traditiona_1 village reservoirs, farmers in Tamil Nadu are pursuing a green dream

GRUESOME highway accidents are so common in India that they are routinely relegated to the inside pages of newspapers. But the month of March took, as it were, the cake (see pages 18-19): in the

ALARMED by the increasing level of environmental pollution in the country, and the failure of existing organisations in tackling the problem, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Environment has

The many applications of high temperature superconductors

A new class of materials could make for quicker telecommunication