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Cables as messengers of information between computers are on their way out. A cableless computer network called WaveLAN, in which each computer is provided with an antenna that picks up data in the

WANT A healthy heart? Then eat a lot of walnuts. Just 28 grams of walnuts a day would be perfect, recommends a recent study that found the nuts to be an excellent source of heart-friendly fatty

THE INDIAN National Congress -- the political party that led the country to independence -- had as its election symbol during the 1950s two bullocks, to symbolise the relationship between animal

Plants grow taller and faster if sprayed with a solution of methanol, claims an American farmer

A cheap and environmentally benign technology has been developed to rid soils of contaminants

A miracle cure for asthma continues to attract patients in thousands despite the scepticism expressed by medical experts

MILK PRODUCERS in Tamil Nadu's Nilgiri district have designed a portable, insulated biogas plant that produces enough gas for three hours of cooking per day. The one cubic metre capacity

NEXT TIME you liberally smear suntan lotion on your body and linger too long in the sun, beware: Sunscreens are not sunproof, say scientists. According to US epidemiologists Cedric and Frank

ALCOHOLIC mothers whose babies suffer from foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) have a great deal for which to answer. Not only are such babies prone to mental retardation, but they rarely improve

KHEJRI (Prosopis cineraria) is nature's best gift to the farmers of Rajasthan and Haryana for it not only thrives in drought conditions and in poor soils, but also encourages the growth of crops